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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty and Influence- does it matter?

Its amazing how the human mind works.  Have you ever wondered why some people think so differently about the same set of facts?   A simple illustration is perhaps a man with a scrubby, overgrown back yard. So.. he cleans it all up, scrape scrape, and voila.. it's as clean as a whistle and he then plans his landscaping adventure to produce his manicured lawns and alluring shrubbery.

But the bloke next door, (a member of the Greens) just about has a fit!  In his mind, this neighbor had no right whatsoever to harm 'habitat' and he calls this callous act of vandalism 'environmental devastation'.


If a girl dressed in dowdy unfashionable clothes, obviously in difficult times, wearing huge thick glasses, no make up, clumsy looking shoes,  expresses an opinion about some issue, you tend to discount her opinion because of her appearance. (I'm writing as a bloke) But.. if that same opinion is expressed by a slim, bright, beautiful girl...you find easier to believe her viewpoint, even though it's the same one.

What's going on?

The simple fact is, it's 'genes'.  We are kind of programmed to want that which seems most likely to advance our own genes and reproductive prospects.  We think of the social dimension, the intellectual and so on. Numerous experiments have been done to prove this.

So.. why does the Left Wing political activist believe such and such about 'right wing' or non Left ideas of society and economy?  I suggest that the source of this viewpoint is exactly the above.. genes. It's probably a kind of self reinforcing thing, where social factors apply. Once a basic embryonic mindset is established, it is then reinforced by social networks.  The same can and I'm sure does, apply to the 'Right Winger'..  so where do we go from here?

OBJECTIVITY.    There are many factors which influence a true objective assessment of a situation. In fact, true objectivity is probably a very illusive thing.  Take the issue of 'Refugees' for example.  To be truly objective one needs to know the individual circumstances of the person.  This includes the accuracy of their self declared reasons for seeking asylum.  If it turns out, as is often reported that people were 'seeking a better life'.. then they are not 'refugees'....it's as simple as that. At this point ideology and those social networks and 'gene' supporting behaviors begin to take effect.  If a Left winger's social and support network is characterized by a very rigid and accepting viewpoint on such people, they will adopt a view that is compatible with the view of their 'group'.. To do otherwise would be social suicide.

So it then takes us to 'who' is the opinion leader of their 'group'?  It might be some academic luminary, who is highly respected and promoted by an attractive individual in the group, or it might be a very charismatic person alone in the group.  But what it is NOT, is objectivity.

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