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Monday, March 28, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Clinton or Sanders?

I'll try to make this brief.  When deciding who might ... ? what?  

-Be the best President?
-Improve the economic outlook?
-Smash Extremism?
-Look after the disadvantaged?

Right at the beginning, before even uttering the question about this impending election, the biggest challenge seems to be to ask the right question?  "Best" is a value judgement that will emerge from one's own personal world view.  The rest of the questions below that one will also depend on how narrow your outlook is. 

Perhaps the 'best' President will be definitely not a 'one trick pony',  so how about a 'Jack of all trades, master of none?".  That seems to me to be the best formula because given the humongous nature of  the presidency of a massive nation, it beggars belief that any single individual could understand and process the detailed intricacies of every branch of both government and society. 

Obviously, a President must rely on... 'advice' and have suffient grasp of the general picture such that he or she can relate the advice to the sector.  This applies more to the area of domestic management, but then we have the issue of national defense and foreign policy.  Once again, he or she will probably rely on a balance of gut feeling life experience and knowledge, plus advice from relevant specialists.

Slight Digression:
I find this myself in regard to town planning and such things as 'Mosques'.  I am fully aware of the social impact a mosque will have, and of the various strands of Islam that may influence that impact. But when it comes to specifics of 'use of land' and the bigger picture of how land and such things as water management, waste disposal, future expansion and various government services..... I would need, and want advice from those specializing in those fields.

Back to the Subject:   It seems to me that each of the Candidates except Clinton have something to offer. Trump is the 'slash and burn, sort the bastards out' type, which is needed in regard to the massive blowouts in the unfunded liabilities for medicare, medicaid and other social funds.  You cannot spend what you don't have, and if most of your income is being blown in interest payments on money borrowed to prop up those services, it's all rather pointless and needs radical political surgery to repair.  So.. I think Trump would fix this and Sanders would utterly lay waste to the social welfare landscape by trying to give according to the heart rather than the accounts.  Still.. Sanders does have a redeeming quality, he wants to punish Wall Street. "BIG" bankers.  I agree.  But Bernie might find himself up against some very high brick walls there, because he is a Demobrat and they rely on support FROM those BIG bankers and other BIG business (Like Buffet and Gore industries and George Soros).

So, unless things have dramatically changed in so called human evolution and we have suddenly reached the point of rich altruism by nature rather than compulsion,  Bernie might struggle a bit to make ends meet.

CRUZ seems to be more balanced than Trumpeter... he has not only passion, but a spiritual foundation for it. I completely reject the poo poo-ers who rubbish him because America was founded on the principles that undergird Cruz's belief system.  If anyone doubts that the early Americans who founded places like New England were both extremely prosperous and very happy, even with a strong reliance on the legal code of Moses, (10 Commandments and other parts of the Levitical Mosaic law)  they need only read the glowing and very objective reports by Alexis D'Tocquville on "Democracy in America". 

That's the area where Trumpeter worries me. His 'code' seems to be one of self reliance and self interest, and I would prefer he was chafing at the bit to deal with the financial institutions that corrupted America in 2008. At least this is one area where Trumpeter is strongest... "He doesn't need money"..he is filthy rich.  This could bode well for a no nonsense presidency, as we might conclude he is not "in it" for the money. However it could be argued that indirectly he is..because his wealth is derived from the Nations wealth, but if the Nation is poor and grovelling for it's next slice of bread, that surely won't help him.

We might also suggest "enough is never enough" ...sure he has plenty of money, but he might want more... perhaps like George Soros, he secretly harbors delusions of god-like grandure? (Soros was not hiding his own aspirations to 'be like god', he wrote about it in one of his books).   Billy Graham once related a story of a very good looking, rich playboy who had just committed suicide because "There was nothing left in life" he had it all....but he did not have peace of heart.  So, how might Trumpeter react to being the most powerful person on earth and being in charge of the most powerful nation?

Let's hope the sense of competition between the USA and CHINA will stoke the fires in his mind and prevent him from every feeling that there is nothing more to do or achieve!

Last..and definitely least.. 'Clinton'... she seems to be an indefatigable liar (Bengazi) and cliche monger who bandies about the right 'slogans' but who really just wants power because she wants to be the first female president!  Well.. I think she is just one of the 'establishment' pillars who is being promoted and pushed by the same vested interests that drove Gore, and Obama and others. She is a has-been with a has-been husband who is on record as being a philanderer and and immoral opportunist. (Monica Lewinsky)

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