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Monday, March 28, 2016


Should AFGHAN MEN be excluded from Australia on cultural grounds? SHOCK HORROR that would be... 'discrimination' and after all, we've signed up to the UN convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Hmmmm well how about when a convicted paedophile named Dennis Furguson, having served his time in jail, is released, and tries to find a residence and employment?   Is our 'convention' alive and well for that? Err..no..he is hounded from place to place, angry residents try to drive him out and no one mentions the word "UN Convention on eliminating all forms of discrimination".   Just get over it.. we DO discriminate and rightly so on many issues.
THE PROBLEM. Afghanistan, as with most central European Muslim countries, has a serious moral problem! They indulge in a practice called "Bacha Bazi" Before explaining this, we should remind ourselves of how abhorrent is the practice of male adults sexually using children to fulfil their lusts and deviant passions. We have a royal commission going on right now addressing this issue, and the Catholic Church has come in for some heavy duty criticism and attack for tolerating this kind of thing. 
Victims of this awful abuse have taken to pursuing Cardinal Pell of Sydney, all the way to the Vatican to unleash their rage and anguish over being abused by priests.
WHAT IS BACHA BAZI? It is the practice of grooming young male children between the ages of 12 to 15 for sex. It involves teaching them to dance provocatively and lasciviously in front of older males who then use them for sex. This is a cultural norm for Afghan men. They cannot see anything wrong with it.
"These batchas are as much respected as the greatest singers and artistes are with us. Every movement they make is followed and applauded, and I have never seen such breathless interest as they excite, for the whole crowd seems to devour them with their eyes, while their hands beat time to every step." writes Eugene Schuyler, an American diplomat and scholar who visited the region.
Attempts to ban the practice by colonial authorities tended to fizz and fade out due to the entrenched cultural grip the practice has on the men.  We should be aware that while such vile practices are generally limited to the rich and powerful in Afghanistan, it is reasonable to assume that the less well of who cannot afford this 'luxury' would indulge in it if they had the resources. In other words, corruption on the throne means corruption in the market place.
HAVE AFGHAN MEN BEEN RE-EDUCATED ON ARRIVAL IN AUSTRALIA ? I doubt that! Telling these new arrivals (or better still, before they come) that this practice is highly Taboo in our culture, as well as being morally wrong, would draw the most intense criticism from the homosexual led Greens (Bob Brown Era) and the many others who's moral compass does not point to the same 'north' that the rest of us recognize.
IF NOT... if these males have not been reeducated, we have recklessly imported huge numbers of the very problem the Royal Commission is seeking to wipe out!
Have we become so insane as to hate and punish an immoral practice for some people and permit it for others? How can we simply send these men to some 40 minute class at a migration hostel to be told "Your culture is shit" (to be blunt) and expect them to internalize this for life in Australia? More likely they will simply tick the box of "Information presented/class done" and take absolutely nothing from it whatsoever. After all.... Bacha Bazi is...their CULTURE and Australia promotes "MULTI" culturalism.
Well, Australia, do I need to say "wake up"? If I can find 10 dedicated participants we can do a demonstration in a strategic location on this issue.

LEGAL ISSUE  We have a law in Victoria Australia that forbids holding people up to public contempt because of their religion or race. It's called the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act  and it says nothing about protecting culture. But imagine, if the law did, it would make this post illegal and vulnerable to Human Rights tribunal investigation.

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