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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussells in Flames- Left in Denial

"NAPTHINE SLASHES, YOU BURN" said the large banner outside a Fire Station in Boronia, Victoria, Australia. Napthine was the former Premier.  It seems to be that a more appropriate banner today would be "LEFT DENIES, YOU BLOW UP"

The diabolical events in Brussells today should be enough for any normal, soundly reasoning person to conclude  "Europe is under Muslim Attack".... in  fact. even a person of marginal intelligence could work this out.

The political Left though, will find itself with shards of Jihadist glass protruding from their eyes, and necks and STILL they would be babbling through the foaming bubbles of blood  dripping from gaping throat wounds that 'Capitalism and racism' are the problem, not Islam or Muslims!     The only solution for this kind of brain injury thinking is to compassionately end their ability to have the slightest influence on any poor hapless soul in society.

UPF are gallantly striding down the runway of history into the record books, while various others who once stood with us have fallen by the wayside. Poor Sherman Burgess has resorted to praying to Odin, a mythological god of the Norse.  I suppose this might give poor Sherm some comfort, but really it makes him look like a bit of a twit.   Much as I've never shown anything but blokey love to the man, his recent 'end of life' rants about UPF being this or that have done more damage to himself than anyone else.

No political movement is immune to various interested parties who have a slightly different agenda than the main movement. I see a bit of this in some snippits of a recent video by one of the crew from WA, and if unchecked would  probably kill the movement faster than a shotgun blast  at 3 paces.

But in my opinion, if there are any remaining, as yet unconverted Left wingers, in Melbourne especially.. and yes, Josh, this means you and your crowd,   who cling furtively to their slogans, mantras and rants about 'racism' in response to legitimate criticism of both Islam and the violence coming from Muslims in Europe, they deserve nothing other than total contempt as for traitors.

We can allow some forgiveness as we might for an ignorant person who is not  up with the facts, but really, they are quite available for all to see.  The strongest light in Europe now is Viktor Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister who spelt out exactly how the Left (including Merkel and Hollande) is trying to destroy Nation states and impose a cruel totalitarianism on European nations.  You can bet George Soros is not far away from the action, but that's another story.

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