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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Yesterday, as the information about the Senate election rules and a double dissolution of the two houses dribbled through the mass media, Bill Shorten was quick to jump on the wagon with a few sips of Labor Liquor that were of the standard you'd expect from a bloke who was on the turps.

"Labor means more Jobs/ Coalition means more Cuts"

MORE JOBS ?????? Mr Shorten you must have a mental illness!   We've just observed with stunned amazement how Labor (representing Unions and 'workers') has shredded and slashed and burned thousands of jobs in the Auto industry that will never return. Not only that, but the feed in jobs as well and just near me there are 390 at Denso which makes Air Conditioning parts for Toyota.  So.. around $17 million annually lost from the Bayswater Economy, and an additional hit of millions more in welfare cost for those now unemployed ex workers that Labor sacrificed.

This "Labor=Jobs"  is the kind of sloppy  dribble that only an intellectually disabled person could believe when they've lived through the Labor landslide of lost jobs over the past few years!

LABOR is toxic, lying, lamentable and hopefully will languish in political purgatory for the foreseeable future few decades.  This is not to declare the Coalition to be the better flavor for Australia nor to I even for a moment of utter madness consider the Greens to be anything other than borderline retards and malicious evil doers, so the solution is not them.

What IS the solution?  Clearly it is a Nationalist Party that will represent 100% of Australians even when some of them don't wish to admit it.

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