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Saturday, December 5, 2015

"SYED" RIZWAN FAROUK the San Bernadino Killer/Jihadists

The most important issue here is the mans name.  His name is.. 'Rizwan Farouk'...  the word 'Syed' is not a name it is a TITLE..and the meaning of that title is.. "Blood descendant of Muhammad".

Only people who have a biological connection to Muhammad can use this title.

This has implications about why or how this man could have been brought back to Islamic fundamentals ("Radicalized") and it also shows how silly and naive are the authorities who are trying to 'work out' the motive.

I suspect that as he watches his ancestral home in turmoil he is looking for someone to blame, and for an opportunity to do something about it all.  He got his wish.

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