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Monday, October 5, 2015

UPF program for 2015 outlined.

Apparently I have been identified as the..."Manager/Manipulator/Mentor" of the UPF.. well.. I wish, but anyway.. I'll run with this for a bit of humor......


1)  The UPF will hold a massive rally in Bendigo on the 10th of the 10th  (tick)

2) The UPF will behead a dummy with fake blood outside Bendigo Council offices yesterday. (tick)

3) The UPF will all stand on their heads and then do hand stands outside Flinders st Station next Sunday at 3.00pm  (In training)

4) The UPF will hold a freedom walk from some place, yet to be designated to Bendigo in the ongoing anti mosque campaign. (not a bad idea)

5) The UPF will do cartwheels up and down St Kilda road 'soon'.  (count me out..I'm too old and frail).. alternatively...the UPF will do a 'Many Utes with flags' promo operation in some place, yet to be designated... (hope this one comes true)

6) The UPF will raid the ABC and smack John Fein and Rafael Epstein on their IslamoFascist supporting  bums with a rotan switch while taunting them with a Tony Abbott doll.  (Love the idea but a bit on the illegal side)

7) The UPF will  do a million dollar  fundraiser with all proceeds going to... 'me'. so I can retire in comfort. (Now we're talking!)

8) The UPF will form a human pyramid reaching up to Neil Mitchell's studio possy and Neil Erickson will yell rude names at him!  "soon".

9)  The UPF will hold a "Draw Malcolm Turnbull" competition.. "soon"...

10)  The UPF WILL TRIUMPH over all opposition. (this one is serious)  (tick  11/10/15)

Well there you have it.. my  comic 'TEN COMMANDMENTS'.... is that a glow I see around my head as I descend the holy Mountain?

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