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Sunday, October 11, 2015

UPF 'Manager/Mentor/Manipulator' has 'bold plan' for fixing Australia.

The Great Aussie Patriarch
Big John Setka (CFMEU boss)

last man standing MMA contest.

Having been recently 'outed' or.. 'appointed' or.. just been the subject of an intense degree of speculation that places 'me'...poor humble...old.. frail... 'me'... at the head of the UPF pyramid;.... I should use this newfound fame for advantage!...Now..how can I monetize this so I can retire?

This morning as I was going for a wander among the trees and wild flowers, I came across a Currawong looking for it's breakfast.. can you imagine my disappointment when I held out my 'Messianic' arm for it to perch on....and the damn thing just flew off!  Not a really good omen for a future 'world leader'.

Ok.. here's a thought,.. the Great Aussie Patriarch (David) will challenge Big Johnny "Goliath"  Setka to a 'last man standing mma' brawl at some gym (with police attending)...   Luba Grigorovich can be Johnny's corner 'person'... and Anthony Main, Ezekiel Ox, Stephen Jolly  and Mel Gregson can be his cheer squad.

The Patriarch's second and corner men will be Blair Cottrell and Shermy the Great Aussie Patriot.. who I am apparently managing. (oops...Sherm seems to have dissappeared now .. )

Of course this would be contracted in advance by Slater and Gordon  for the following:

1/ In the most unlikely event of the "Patriarch" being the last man standing... John agrees, by putting it to a vote to the members first,  to hand over the reigns of the CFMEU construction division to... the Patriarch... and he will then make appropriate hiring and firing decisions for the leadership and of course policy decisions for the direction of the Union.  John's salary and perks will all then flow to the Patriach.

AND... John will agree to listen to at least 10 Billy Graham sermons, 1 hour solid of the Oslo Gospel Choir singing "Shout to the Lord" as one of the items.. and he will also listen to the Hallalujah Chorus by Handel... as remedial therapy for his waywardness.  (The Patriarch played these around Bendigo yesterday)

2/ In the more likely event of the Patriarch being used as a dish rag and hurled from one corner to the other like a rag doll... he will cease to be the 'manager/manipulator/mentor' of the UPF..

3/ The CFMEU will take out an interim insurance policy on behalf of the Patriarch to the tune of $200k, which is for the duration of the bout with the beneficiaries being the Patriarch's next of kin.

4/ The Federal Government will be brought in as an interested party, and will agree to provide $2,000,000 to the Patriarch if he wins...   this is mucccccch cheaper than a royal commission..I think they'd jump at it!  They also agree to pay $200,000 if the Patriarch loses (but survives) so he can enjoy the remaining years as a cripple  in a wheelchair with a degree of comfort.

This would seem to be the quickest way to fix the problem with trade Unions in Australia...

I think this is how it will pan out:  John Setka is told of the offer:

What??? that moron 'Patrarch' wants to step into the ring with me????
I'll creammm the uppity capitalist  bastard!
But before John get's too confident, he might like to check out this; you never know how things will work out:

Or this more 'systematic' method of the destruction of an opponent.  You can push down a tall tree with an excavator or..you can just hack away with an axe at it's lower region until it falls.

Masato's  brains vs Ohigashi's brawn.  (note what happens at 6:12)

Big vs Small.... there is a way.. John must be about 6' 8"... ?   me.. optimistically 6'0"  don't know John's age but I'm 66 .. past retirement age.. should be an absolute walkover.....

In any case..should I not survive.. I have it on good authority that Pastor Danny Naliah has raised two people from the dead... so does it get any better than this???   OH.. note carefully Mr Slater and Gordon.. the insurance component of the contract is held to be valid on the moment that I am declared clinically dead.... Danny will be on standby to 'raise' me within a minute or two and.. we all walk away happy.. except John :)

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