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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Tram and Train Union will be stopped.. and stomped on, once and for all ?

This is not the kind of post one makes unless one has made out ones will and built a simple coffin..but that's ok.. it goes with the territory of speaking truth.

Lurbricant Gorivich and her mates in the RBTU are on notice that they are to be crushed mercilessly by the Australian people.    This is not a threat, nor wishful thinking...it is a promise.

When the Train drivers are already on stupendously high wages by any standard and Groanovich keeps a straight face while demanding 18% pay rise for 'members' and uses the word 'fair' (a wonder she did not choke on that)     she is in reality spitting in the face of every ordinary Aussie and commuter who needs these essential services and will have to pay more for the use of them.

So... as the Reclaim and UPF movement grows, a time will come when our voice is irresistable to the current powers to be, and if they continue to pamper and pander to these feral communists like Grigorovich, they will pay the price of electoral and political irrelevance, we will take power by the will of the Australian people and the fundamental structure which allows these rabid ideological dogs to roam feral and free, will be ended.

Let me repeat it.. it would make a great screen shot


This bold challenge is found in a document here:

I refer the reader to point 7  "Industrial Relations"

Any of the Employer Class so called should not draw any comfort from those words above, nor see them as suggesting there will be a free for all of exploitation. Not a chance!  "National" interest will be the key, not private or employee, or management.. "National".

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