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Monday, October 5, 2015

The 10 Commandments for the Nation of Australasia.

This hypothetical Nation will include all nations currently in the area which consent to become part of a greater Australasia and which are currently compatible in values and religion,  to enjoy the benefits and protections of all citizens. This could include some south Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and other Islands. It will not include Papua New Guinea.


1.  You shall have no National Allegiance to any other nation. Australasia is supreme and is a jealous nation.

2. You will make no representation of any other nation, or invite loyalty to it.

3. You will not take the name of your nation in vain or speak badly of it.

4. You will keep one day per week for family and rest.

5. You will honor your father and mother.

6.  You shall not unjustly kill.

7.  You shall not engage in sexual deviancy or immorality.

8.  You shall not steal.

9. You will not speak falsely against your neighbor or anyone else.

10. You shall not desire and lust after other peoples property, their wives or daughters apart from the legitimate process leading to approved heterosexual marriage. A man shall have only one wife and a wife only one husband.

All subsequent law will be based on these principles.  

It is accepted that the DNA of modern Australian life is linked directly to the Judao Christian traditions, the heritage of which these commandments contain.
In line with the laws outlined above, there will be no foreign religious symbols or buildings in Australasia which represent any doctrine or dogma which has as it's goal, the overthrow of the lawful government, and the establishment of any other religious system on Australasia.  This clearly means one particular religion, known commonly to all, but no other unless it steps over the boundaries of peace and harmony.

CULTURE. is something which develops over time from a confluence of various traditions and habits. The Government will assist where possible, the promotion of core Australian values and will reward examples of unity, and discourage examples of 'diversity' where it is done for reasons that are more political than cultural. No funding will be allocated to the following sectors.

-Cultural organizations that are based on race.
-Religious organizations based on race.
-Community celebrations which are not mainstream Australia.
-Organizations which seem to have the sole purpose of assisting people to become confused about their sexual identity.

There will be no 'accommodation' for unusual or non mainstream religious activities at public educational institutions. (e.g. Universities)

This will save great sums of money which can then be utilized in health and education for all citizens.

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