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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Putin rules the FREE world....

Nothing quite so depressing when you see an economically bankrupt, socially dysfunctional, morally bereft America...   lamenting their demise in the Syrian conflict.  I saw it this morning .. "Nothing we can do"... said some General.    Well..THAT is what you get for supporting anti Assad forces of any description (apart from ISIS) for the sake of filthy economic luka. Dirty money.... that's what the American interest in crucifying Assad is.. nothing more nothing less.  They don't care squat about the morality of Assad's destructive tendencies toward those who are trying to kill him....  they only care about their own 'national interest'.... = Assad out, 'some unknown person' in... Jews happy, pipeline built..and the universe is balanced.... oh wait...

There is ANOTHER kid on the block and his name is.. Vlad "the Impaler" Putin and surprise surprise...he also has national interests in the region..but the difference between him and the Americans is...his nation is not nuts and his banks are not blown away by debt.  20% is all the Ruskies own relative to GDP and the pitiable Americans now owe 102%... it's a no brainer.

So, by any measure, and by personal peformance.. we look now to Vladimir Putin as the leader of the free world and as one who knows how to deal with Islamist insurgencies, from experience.

Not in a million+ years did I ever think that during my life time I'd be saying Thank God for the Russians!

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