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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Well..today they are going to have yet another talkfest about the peripheral issues rather than the cancer at the core.
The subject seems to be being framed like this:

1) Young Muslims are growing up feeling 'unwanted' by the rest of society.

2) Another reason they are feeling unwanted is.. lack of material opportunity. (socio economic)

3) This is making them vulnerable to predatorial groomers who will radicalize them.


1) It's the likes of RECLAIM Australia and UPF that make them feel 'unwanted'...therefore....clamp down on both of these movements.

2) Address their feeling of social and economic isolation by throwing money at them.

3) Use State Resources to clamp down on the 'symptom' with control orders, raids on homes etc.

THE PROBLEM with this narrative and solution is simple.. none of it is true.

The origin of Reclaim and UPF are:

i)  that they detect the relentless advance of Islamic interests, culture and law across Australia and are angry about this, rejecting such ideas as anti/un Australian.

ii)  The content of the Quran is no different from the darkest elements of Mein Kampf and can be compared to the teachings of the Ananda Marga cult that was behind the Hilton Hotel Bombing in Sydney many years ago.  The Quran specifically calls for the destruction of both Jews and Christians. (9:30) and the overthrow of non Muslim governments (9:29)

iii) When these ideas are seen being expressed by the construction of Mosques, the changes to our social and cultural patterns being demanded by Islam, there is a very understandable reaction.

Because of the inherent violent nature of the Quran and Islam, no amount of 'symptom' addressing will solve this problem for Australia. The only viable solution is as follows:

1) Re-education program for all Muslims to provide them with sufficient information to enable them to decide freely to abandon their faith.

2) The legislating of a new law "Banishment"  similar to the idea of 'Deport'...but based on social factors rather than the legal ones related to deporting illegal stayers from Australia.
Banishment will apply to all Muslims who fail the re-education.

REAL SOLUTION  "Toward National Renewal"

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