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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

National Executive UPF to meet: Future Directions Decided.

The national executive of the UPF will be meeting to discuss the implementation of the transition to UPF rule and the re-arrangement of our National Political Landscape.  This is a preliminary meeting to discuss the "Way Ahead" as the UPF ramps up it's national membership to 'red hot' levels.

Regional representatives will be present, and policy established. The abolishing of all political parties and replacing them with a conscripted Government of National Unity,  will be time-lined and we will celebrate the massive explosive growth that the movement has experienced over the short time of a few months.

Update  DATE OF MEETING.....  Sunday 18th OCTOBER 2015  (Next Sunday)

The meeting will be held at Syndal Baptist Church, at
588 High St Rd, Glen Waverley 
10.30am  in the East Auditorium.

UPF members will join with regular congregation members until after the service then move to the morning tea area and to a room to be notified on the day.

Coffee will be available after the 'service'.

See you all there.

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