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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MEDIA INTERVIEWS from the "Mentor" of the UPF

An invitation is extended to major Newspapers.. The Age, Herald Sun, and TV stations  to make yourselves available to be interviewed by UPF.   Note..this will not be 'you' interviewing us, it will be 'me' interviewing you.  I will ask you a series of questions about various matters and you can answer....then we will make a report on our FB page including the video.

Up for it?

We will be suspending the Constitution and amending it as fit. Specially Section 116 which will be altereded to clearly state that the freedom of religion does not include any religion which contains official doctrines that are a threat to the freedom itself.  Care to be asked questions about this?

COST  in order to be eligible for any interview, there will be a fee charged  it will be $4000 per interview. (this will be paid by the Media entity to UPF in order to be interviewed by me)  This fee will  cover editing costs and will constitute payment for the release of a  final version of the interview to the media entity that will be bound by a legal contract to be shown 'as is' with zero alterations by the media entity.

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