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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Malcolm Turncoat- Australia on the downward path?

Mr Turnbull has an unlucky name, as it lends itself to mockery too easily.

But being  easily mocked is a minor issue, we all cop that.  What Turnbull is most dangerous on is his sudden Damacus Road experience where he seems to be suddenly embracing those 'we persecuted before' and proclaiming the gospel of inclusion that his predecessor 'tried to destroy'...

Turnbull has found "compassion, dialogue, inclusion and peace"  (has he become a Buddhist?)  but his focus will be on bringing Muslims into the mainstream by some careful media manipulation. What does he hope to achieve? Will this sudden "preaching the faith we once tried to destroy" so to speak result in all the young Muslims wanting to head off to Syria to fight whichever great satan they are currently focused on ?

Will the Alawites in Australia cease to be the mortal enemies of Sunnies, just because Turnbull has become a Turncoat?  If he has any shadow of doubt about this, all he need do is place an Alawite Mosque right next to a Sunni one and sit back in his political deck chair waiting for the fireworks display as they all kill each other.

We've already seen this kind of thing at the tail end of the Tamil war in Sri Lanka.. both groups were re-enacting the war on the streets of Melbourne.

Nope...nope...nope... there is no hope for a solid sound sustainable Australia under either Turncoat or Shortsheet and the Greens are certifiable lunatics anyway so there's no hope with them.

Who does that leave us?   Well it will become increasingly obvious over the next few years that the new kid on the political block is... the United Patriots Front or whatever they end up calling themselves once they become serious about the Political direction.

UPF..the future of Australia.   Reason will triumph, rationality will give victory, Rallies will publicize and relentless, resolute determination will drive out the self satisfied, cozy political dross from our parliament.

A NEW SYSTEM IS COMING.  Make no mistake... do not underestimate the power of the people. Nor should any current political figure overlook the possibility that they will be cast onto the scrap heap of 'no longer useful'...

The SENATE will be purged of parties and replaced with thinking people who have the best interests of the nation at heart..
The HOUSE of REPS will no longer be a house of conlicted self interest but a well oiled machine of national prosperity.

The DEBT will be dealt with within 3 yrs. (Painful but helpful)
The INTEREST on that previous debt will be allocated to health and education.
SHELTER and EDUCATION will be national priorities. (rather than political slogans)
The MEDIA will report balanced news and not 'advertising revenue' based sensationalism.
Plus much much more.

For a preliminary treatment of the issues confronting Australia and a method of addressing them see the following:


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