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Friday, October 16, 2015

Lamar Odom.. sex sex sex.. just gimmee sexxxxx

Abba had this song.. "Gimme gimme gimmee.. a man after midnight"..   well..maybe they had Lamar in mind? (mild chronological discrepancy there)

Lamar Obom reportedly took cocaine and up to 10 sexual supplement tablets before embarking on a narcissistic orgy of  wild sex and lust with '2 girls at his beck and call' at some up-class upstate Brothel.

Unfortunately.. the whole affair was a bit too much and upset Lamar's physical condition and now he lies near death.

Wait..the Kardashyans to the rescue..the demand 'prayers' for Lamar..... ??? hmm well it's a bit late for that I think...  what should people pray for ?

"Lord.. let Lamar live so he can continue his unabashed debauchery with these prostitutes"?

hmm...I don't think so!

"Lord.. show Lamar the error of his ways and the purity of your grace, and may he find it in his heart and be saved from himself"?

er..yeah..I think that's the only kind of prayer which will get any higher than the ceiling of the room in which it's uttered.

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