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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Internal Security and Essential Services Act....do we need one in Australia? (Ashtraya)

Looking at Australia's big picture, there are some alarming trends that, unless checked now, will result in a tyranny of the type you can only imagine where you have been dropped off in North Korea to experience the bizarre contradiction between the luxurious and pampered "Party" members and the starving masses.  North Korea is probably a nice place if you are a member of the Communist Party, just look at their grand ceremonies and pomp!  But if you are a peasant, scrounging out a living under the demanding dictates of the Party for your quota to be fulfilled, and any surplus is not your own, then life is....hell!

In such a nation, your personal worth has avaporated, and you are now seen as being of value only to the extent that you are 'useful' to the Party's mathematical matrix of who should produce xyz commodity and how much should be produced.  You are soul dead, you have no dignity, you have no spiritual life, you are nothing but the drab grey clothed worker  of Orwells '1984'.  If you step out of line, or stick up for your self, you are branded a 'thought criminal' and possibly shipped of to come diabolical gulag for 10 yrs.

But what about Ashraya?  our beloved nation that once enjoyed freedoms and liberties to pursue your own goals, enhance your living standard and flourish with your family?  Are we heading in the direction of North Korea?  Nope.. we are RUSHING in that direction in a black bus on the highway to hell.

But who's driving that bus?  Who gave us the map?  Who will be living the high life of luxury and lavish palatial ease while we all suffer?  It's not hard for any astute observer of the social and industrial trends in our society to work out.  Here it is:

CFMEU+MUA+RTBA= Tyranny of North Korean dimensions.

Who are these letters above?

CFMEU=   Construction Forestry Mining and Electrical Union.

MUA= Maritime Union of Australia

RTBU= Rail Tram and Bus Union.

Right now, we have the CFMEU lobbying the MUA to merge.  It won't be long before we see another merge into a 'super' Union that includes the RTBU.

Why is this important?  It means that all Public Transport, all Port activity (inwards and out) and the vast majority of Construction and mining will be under the control of..... ONE man...John Setka...and his associates.

Essentially that also means a tyranny, the like of which Australia has never seen.  Mr Setka or someone who is functionally equivalent, will be able to demand, and unless stopped...'get' whatever they want for all members of this super Union, and they will also be able to avoid many current legal barriers to unions who are not directly involved in a particular Industrial dispute to cause stoppages which threaten to wreck the Economy and the social order.  That's quite a bit of clout.

It's easy to extrapolate this to how life might be for Aussies under these conditions. Income will be ever increasing for the 'Party' members (Union members) because they control things which cannot easily be outsourced, and which are vital for the day to day operation of this Nation.  It is never an issue of whether their actions might cause some big manufacturer to shut down (like Holden, Ford or Toyota) because they have already fallen victim to the pernicious policies of these Unions, and in any case, they don't really care about them any more because they dont need to.  The game all along has been only about one thing.. 'power'..... and they almost have it.

Everything we do or need will cost much more.....our ordinary lives will increasingly feel like slavery, our ability to purchase will be hamstrung by the cost of building, transport and every area effected by those interests controlled by this super union.  Always keep in mind...that these Unions have  a world view that see's their members as belonging to a 'party'... the Communist party,  Hence the use of North Korea as an example.

Given this dire background, it becomes increasingly urgentl for a Government to take desperate measures for desperate times. For that.. just see the title of this blog entry.  We have to have the urgency which matches the emergency.  But sadly, the existing crop of politicians are more interested in pandering to their political constituency in the short term need to be 're-elected'.  For this reason it is unlikely that they will want to rock the boat too much where it can cause instability and disrupt the cash flow of that constituency.  The Labor party depends on the Unions, and the Liberals, while detesting them, tolerate them with some lunatic eschatology that is based on "but the poo won't hit the fan in my lifetime".

Well, King Hezekiah had that view too... but the Babylonians who he had given a guided tour of the treasures of Jerusalem came back and took the damn lot. There is a trend among Unions to be global, and this link shows it.  This is nothing less than a coming despostic tyranny and it will make it difficult (but not impossible) for a single nation to withstand possible global 'sanctions' from Unions if they clamp down on an affiliate in Australia.  This is probably the reason that Unions are so determined and even confident that they can 'take' the prize of the National treasury and plunder it in the name of their 'comrades'.  One important element of  laws to protect Australians from such globalized 'terrorism' would include regarding overseas interference in Australian industrial relations as an Act of War, and would be treated as such, using all the available resources such as ASIS in whatever ways required by the situation.

Gregorivich in the clip above stands behind a sign saying "Unions, join...for a better life".. and we might ask "at what cost to the public?".... the Union has become 'The Party'   sure.. a better life with them, and NO life outside of them... languishing and starving  as a hapless peasant  in the cold landscape of the North Korean countryside.

Lubralips Grigorovich is saying in this clip "All we want is a fair deal for our workers"  and she is demanding an 18% pay rise over three years.  But wait...what will the tax paying public get out of this? Essentially higher taxes, higher transport costs that come directly off..OFF your mortgage bottom line. Life becomes easier for militant Unionists and harder for the average Joe and Jill out there who relies on them.  In most universes this is called 'extortion'.  I mean which part of  "We will strike during the Grand Final" is not holding the public to ransom at their most intimate level?

What productivity improvement can the RTBU offer in a situation where it does not produce a manufactured good ? Services?  how can you improve the efficiency of a 'service'?  work faster? work longer?  I'm sure there are a few peripheral issues that can be tweaked but a service like this cannot go in huge leaps and bounds to make it cost LESS for the consumer while at the same time paying it's employees more...nope..it ends up with them getting more and we the consumers getting less.

Who is this budding young beauty who uses the word "comrade" more often than than a chicken pecks a bowl of wheat ?  What's her real background?  What's her race?  Who is she connected to?

MANAGEMENT SIDE   There seems to be some problems with Authorized Ticket Inspectors  managers being likened to 'Mafia' types.  Demanding bribes from ticket Inspectors to keep their jobs etc..  this kind of ratbaggery would also come under the purview of the proposed Act above.

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