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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ebola Nightmare from Cafferkey Street.

Pauline Cafferkey has been readmitted to hospital after seemingly being long cleared of Ebola.
Todays news is.. 'she is critically ill'.....

This reminds me of just about every horror movie I've seen where the poor vulnerable heroine has just desperately desptatched the monstrous serial killer with a tyre iron and staggers away to sit down and rest from the ordeal....then, refreshed slightly, she gets up, walks over to the body of the killer and the dead killer suddenly GRABS her on the ankle with an iron like hand!

The Western world in general appears to be in the same situation as Pauline Cafferkey.  We took to the various dictators with a the tyre iron of our military, removed the likes of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi but now?  ISIS has emerged to 'grab' us on our ankle and to try yet again to kill us.

Fortunately the 'brave woodcutter' of the Red Riding Hood story has responded to our plea for help, and Vladimir Putin races straight out of the black forest with his Russian battle Axe  and is in the process of finally killing our enemy yet again.

More locally, the pernicious prevalence of political correctness is trying to strangle our dignity, and desprive us of  our social liberty.  Who is the 'valiant wood cutter' ?  Perhaps it could be the UPF?

Time will tell.

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