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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Borderless world- "Doctors without Borders"

Seldom do we observe the unrefined  ratbaggery of the good old "Marxist revolushonary".. when we do they usually appear as a motley crew of ferals who have transferred the old 'tie dyed' jeans fad into a blotchy dyed hair thing, and they parade around with their gay or lesbian buddies chanting worn out tired old commy slogans, maybe blowing on a silly whistle or beating the stuffing out of a poor kettle drum.

Nope..yesteryear's "dedicated hard core communist" has been replaced by and large by a much more insidious threat called the 'without borders' movement.  We have had  'Doctors' without borders,  for quite a while, and this morning I noticed a new version called "Womens Rights without borders" where a spokeswoman appeared as the 'goto girl' for the BBC when discussing some related story.

A quick google of the term 'without borders' reveals the following:

"A world without borders makes economic sense" (Guardian)

"Human Rights without Borders"

"Migration without Borders"

"Engineers without Borders"

and umpteen other permutations and combinations.  The people behind these initiatives seem to be decorated and dressed up with more awards than a Vienna Christmas tree, which seems to lend credibility to their utopian agenda.  But when the dust settles and you can have a close peek at their profile, it's just the same old archaic Communist 'Internationale' line.

Following the 'innovations' of the likes of Professor Adam Swift who wants to effectively abolish the nuclear family by preventing parents from doing things that he does not approve of.. such as 'reading bed time stories', (because in his bizarre socialist universe doing that produces , 'unfair' social advantage to the children)  this raging pack of philosophical wolverines will soon be tearing away at the flesh of society in more ways than a fishing net has holes!

The usual ploy is to put some so called academic forward in some 'without borders' guise and then list their 'much awarded' credentials.   A look at where these 'awards' came from shows they are generally loony left wing tribes like the Huffington Post and uncountable others. The uninitiated public mind could be swayed and lulled into acceptance by this skillful use of propaganda psychology!

We will end up with a generation that is ripe for the ideological plucking. Educationally denied, socially vulnerable, morally confused,  bereft of values, narcissistic, nihilistic, ready to be shaped by the shameful ideological frauds of the "without borders' fraternity.  All sense of 'tradition' has been beaten and bullied out of that generation by big name academics and bozo's who cannot justify or support their lunacy with anything better than 'assertion'..

The result will be mayhem  and miss-steps by anarchist twits who don't have the brains to do anything other than 'react'.  The communist academics will have systematically sidelined the stalwarts of traditional enduring values, and only the 'bloke in the public bar' will be left, seething with anger and rage over what's been done to him or her. Then the reaction will begin..sporadic, spontaneous,  swiftly becoming an angry tidal wave of people who don't know the answers in a scholarly sense, but know full well they have been screwed and stomped on by these communist functionaries.  As they are dragged out of their plush luxurious digs, the trip to the gallows for these communists will be punctuated only by desperate denunciations of this reactionary revolt, and shrill  sloganistic cries of "workers of the world unite".  

Once you peel back the layers of bulldust and rubbish trotted out by these privileged few who run the show, you can see clearly that what drove them all along was a desire for primal power and plush living, not a longing for justice or equality.  Well.. perhaps dangling at the end of a rope will focus their minds at least for a few seconds. Adam Swift would be on the first trip to that 'place of justice and retribution'.

Fraudulent Rulers, who attained their position through lies, skulduggery and sleaze need to contemplate that the real 'rulers' are the people..the masses and with that in mind I conclude with a Biblical injunction:

"But if you (fraudulent rulers) do wrong, be afraid, for (real) rulers (the people)  do not bear the sword for no reason." (Rom 13:4)

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