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Friday, September 4, 2015

The New York Times: who does it speak for ?

In short..SATAN...  and with that pronouncment, I am livid with anger at the swamp like literary creature called the NYT, and announce that it can:

GO....TO... HELL!!!!

Leave Australia ALONE!  look after your own abysmal debt of $18,000,000,000,000  that you bozo's obviously cannot manage.. perhaps look at we Aussies and how we ARE managing our finances... then when you are perfect fiscally, you can criticize us about border policy.

NYT you are the enemy of the West and should be treated as such.  WHO is pulling your strings NYT ? Is it a particular left leaning racial group?   Well.. I don't even need to answer that question everyone KNOWS who it is.

Let me repeat it once more

NYT.. GO...TO... HELL!!!!!!!

Don't you know jealousy is a curse? Just because you idiots cannot get your fiscal or migration or Border or health policy to work..and we CAN... you are just infantile and pouting with jealousy.

I won't waste any more precious global oxygen on your low life try hard swamp gutter  journalism.

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