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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Final Invasion of Europe- How "Human Rights" is suicide.

The numbers are staggering, the sea of bodies mind numbing, the stupifying sight of supposedly hungry refugees  hurling food and water away when offered to them, roars and rants, rabid charges at security forces... it's a bewildering array of senseless stupidity by the soon to be overtaken Europeans.

When a large 'army' of people attacks your country with weapons, and occupies your land, it's an invasion.
When a large army of people attack your country without weapons except for the stupidity of the Germans and EU members, it's not only an invasion, it's insanity.

I won't post images here there are plenty out there in google land.  But the reasoning and rationale of the Europeans is amazingly dimwitted and blockheaded  in more ways than a chicken has feathers!

If these people are 'forcing' their way into your country, and you are opening your doors to them,  do you really think this will have any other effect than to stimulate uncountable millions of others to do the very same thing?

Will Germany suddenly say one day "Ok..we're full..no more"  when they have been accepting tens of thousands the day before?  What about the massive numbers that are still in transit when Germany says "Enough?"  It will be more than a riot it will be utter chaos from the top to the bottom.

Why are they coming?

This is probably the most important question.  Sunni Muslims are coming because they attacked their Government and  it bit them back.
The Shia Muslims are fleeing Sunni Muslims.
The Christians are fleeing the Sunni Muslims and ISIS.    This is the only group deserving of compassion, because they had attacked no one and their numbers are smaller.

Europe must treat an invasion like an invasion and either return them to their places of last refuge (Probably Turkey) and if not there, Syria and if the people refuse to leave, (with boats provided by the EU) then.. sad to say, the bullets need to fly and find their mark in peoples bodies. Young, old, male female.. all the same.. because failure to stem this horrific tide of invaders will result in the demise of your own land.

AUSTRALIA..   We should indeed take more refugees.. but ONLY Christians who are persecuted by Muslims.

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