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Thursday, September 17, 2015

HUNGARY-Forceful Response and Fabian Spin "The Refugee Invasion"

Hungary deployed tear gas against violent attackers at it's border yesterday. Hundreds, thousands of invading hoardes kicking, screaming, raging at the borders of a sovereign nation, were turned back by Hungary.
I wonder if history has anything to do with this?  Hungary, as were all of the Baltic states, was invaded by Ottoman Turks, Muslims in the 16th Century. They were made to be slaves and servants and subjects to a vile Sultan who abused their dignity by demanding a tribute of 500 male children per year to be trained as his "Janissaries" or special ops soldiers who would become his own bodyguard and gang of soldiers who had no tribal ties to any of his own people.

Strategically this was a smart move, if you completely forget about the dignity and worth of a human being as this rotten Sultan did. It worked for him!   When this mongrel of  a man invaded Vienna, he threw these poor brainwashed children, now fully trained man, into the front of the battle.  This was another 'slick' move, because none of his own tribes would feel that his had unfairly sacrificed 'their' people in the battle.

So, I suspect Hungarians who have been taught their true history would have little patience for another onslaught from the south by Muslims.  These days, the modern Muslims will not be taking their children as Janissaries, they will be gangs  attacking them in the streets and school grounds, and turning areas into no go Zones for Hungarian authorities.

BENDIGO MOSQUE?  Is there a connection ?   Not directly, but culturally and ideologically, todays Islam is the same as yesterdays, because "Islam" is defined not by the nice Muslim family living nearby, it is defined by the conduct and creed that Muhammad delivered to the world. His example remains the pattern for Muslims today. So, it's not the 'nice Muslim man in the street'  we need worry about, it is the not so nice man in the Mosque who interprets Islam to the man in the street in a collective congregation we need worry about!

If Bendigo is allowed to sink into a morass of migrant hell, it won't be just the one major case of Muslims gang raping a local non Muslim girl, it will be many. If a population of only 100 Muslims in Bendigo spawns ONE gang rape by a number of them.... 7 in fact... that's 7 out of 100-  7 %, so.. if you had 1000 Muslims in Bendigo, this would translate into 70!!! people engaging in this Quranically sanctioned mangling of our law and malicious intent to our citizens.

THERE IS.. a 'them' and an 'us'.  "We" are the established citizenry, the established culture, the established social order.. and 'they' are people who live by a different and confrontational set of values. We don't need to rely on fabricated images of Muslims doing bad things, we need only examine the life and lunacy of Muhammad and know that they in turn rely on him as their informant for life.

HUMAN RIGHTS SPIN.  Of course the 'goto' people for the spinners and suspects in the Fabian controlled main stream BBC and the such like are "Refugee Action" and the such like.  These are Fabian Socialist 'fronts' which use clean and unthreatening language  to speak about 'the bigger picture' and 'solving global problems'... when in reality they want to flood Western European countries with non indigenous migrants to produce a 'divided and conquerable social order'..one that can be managed by themselves in terms of bigger pictures like the UN Agenda 21 and so on.


".... by any means necessary".

Sound a bit harsh?  No harsher than the diabolical plan to exterminate the white race by any means neccessary... as articulated by Jewish Marxist Dr Noel Ignatiev who formerly lectured at Harvard.


That mans sentiments, found in his evil essay "Abolish the white race- by any means necessary" have been echoed and amplified by African American Black Power proponents who have taken Ignatiev's abstract idea and made it more concrete by calling for real 'death camp' style extermination of all whites. If you doubt me.. take the trouble to look it up!

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