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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BENDIGO -Patriot Victory- but Aboriginal is bashed by Leftists!

The most degrading, disgusting, depraved and detestable conduct was seen in Bendigo where a rabid Left winger 'counter protester' viciously bashed an elderly Aboriginal man wearing a rainbow beanie!

The Leftist creature 'Ezekial Ox' (Alan Davies) who was hyping up the crowd and antagonizing the Patriots  was right at the center of this sub human conduct!  He, along with the bedraggled mob of about 50 socially marginal deviants and has-beens,  engaged in grossly illegal conduct that should have resulted in some arrests.

Otherwise, the only violence that occurred was when a dipstick female 'counter' protester climbed a lamp post with a burning Aussie flag.   This triggered the most predictable and justified response from the overwhelming masses of Aussie flag waving patriots- attack!  And rightly so!  Yes.. I confess. 'WE'  were 'violent'... in fact.. we were violent in the same way that the Aussies on the Kokoda trail were violent against the Japanese invaders. We were violent in the same way that our troops were at Tobruk, and our gallant light horse at Benghazi. 

Violence can be a very noble and life saving act, in the correct context.

The left wing ferals were trying to achieve one major goal..."give the patriots bad press.. have them portrayed as 'violent boofheads, bogans and boozers.  Well they certainly achieved part of that goal, they mobilized the patriots in a way I did not think possible.    I suppose when you have a more 'manly' leadership, warrior types are more likely to act in accordance with their being than the flaky types of 'Reclaim'.

Ox's position is no longer tenable.  He screams out about the rights of the Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginals of Bendigo, yet at the same time is calling for massive refugee intakes, and supporting the building of 20,000 public housing homes in Bendigo for Muslim migrants and boat people.. but guess where they will be built? On Dja Dja Wurrung land!  His wild hysterical rants are not only socially offensive they are intellectually unsustainable.

But you know what IS sustainable and destined to become a national movement ?  THIS:

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