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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bendigo Mayor Peter Cox courts disaster in the Council Chamber

According to the aging Mayor.... regarding the 'ugly scenes' that were started by the so called 'anti racism' counter protesters.....

"It certainly doesn't put Bendigo in the best situation," Cr Cox told AAP.
"We are a welcoming, giving and thoughtful city."

No Mayor... nope...nope...nope... you are blind in both eyes and bereft of your brain if you think those perfumed paragraphs and soft syntax will deceive people.  You have so many philosophical errors in your public statements it boggles the mind that you hold public office.  You should have said.. "Those supporters of my side of the argument, went around bashing anyone they could find in the streets.. trashing shops and beating up old and young and it was very ugly!"...nowTHAT is how the reporting should have been because 'that' is how it was!  I know because.. I saw it and almost experienced it!

'Welcoming' ???  you can't be serious.  You and other allies in the local pathetic excuse for newspapers categorically said 'DON'T come to the rally'... why not? What are you intolerant and bigoted and frightened of ? The UPF ? goof grief.. we didn't go there to harm the place, nor to harm people.. it was WE who were attacked by your supporters. So..did you welcome them as well ?  You wish to 'welcome' these Muslims. Fine.. let's put 3 mosques.. not just one, they will be Sunni, with an Alawite next door on one side and a Shiite one on the other.  If you have reservations about that... because of 'International events' and religious tensions.. why would you not have similar reservations about a Mosque that is the hell hole of anti Christian religious hatred and oppression?

Clearly Mayor Cox your political and social science credentials are very lacking and impoverished.  Perhaps you can reboot Haven Home safe to teach theology and history and educate both they and you on this issue.

CHALLENGE.  How about I come to Bendigo and display a large poster outside council offices like this:


I've done this kind of thing before Mayor... and it works marvelously.. but I warn you , there is a very sharp sting in the tale of this little bit of activism.

Would you call such a proclamation 'hate speech' ? How about 'religious vilification' ?  You can check it against RRT2001 section 8 if you wish.. here it is for your convenience:

(1)     A person must not, on the ground of the religious belief or activity of another person or class of persons, engage in conduct that incites hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other person or class of persons.

Now, if I do come.. I should alert the Islamic Council of Victoria so they can take me to the Human Rights Commission and VCAT.. .. but somehow I think they would decline to do that once they know what is really going on here.

I'll just say "IF"....you find this kind of speech or writing 'offensive' and 'disgraceful'... and putrid.. well that is EXACTLY what I'd wish you to say and make a big song and dance about.. nothing would give me more joy.. specially if the ICV did that.

Would you be happy if Dean Roundabout 'taught' those words from his Cathedral ?  It's not in public.. not many Muslims would be attending his 'evensong' services...  so would you accept it then?


Anti-racism leader Ezekiel Ox denounced the presence of the police, labelling them "genocidal maniacs". Greater Bendigo mayor Peter Cox said it was disappointing that people from outside Bendigo felt the need to visit the city and cause trouble.  (Bendigo Advertiser)

The first observation is that while WE were sprayed with capsicum chemical and were hurt very much by this.. (I was not even close and almost unable to breath!We made a public announcement that we understand why the police did that..had to do that.. and we hold no animosity toward them. But woooooo.. 'your' support thugs? Have a look above- That Ox creature said  "Police are genocidal maniacs"... yep...nice stuff from the Cox supporters...   We copped it sweet because a Cox support girl incited a riot by burning the flag and was charged!   So this confirms that we UPF were in the right and the COS supporters in the wrong!  

Mayor Cox.. did you by any chance look up your old commy RMIT friends (aging ones by now I suppose) and ask them to cobble together some younger more agile elements from the same mould ?

WHAT DO WE WANT?  Well obviously ...no Mosque

i) An opportunity to interrogate the smartest Sunni Muslim in Bendigo in public, televised and guaranteed to air on local television. (non UPF demand)
ii) A program of re-education of all Muslims and pro mosque Councilors in Bendigo that I will run. (compulsory for all Muslims and Councilors)  This is to be paid for out of Council resources at a Cost of $450 per day and will run for approximately 3 days or earlier until the information is understood.
(that is not a UPF demand, it's mine!)

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