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Friday, September 4, 2015

A poor lost child and the West loses the plot!

How did this happen?  That's the most important question... not "oh oh.. we must take them in".

It happened for very specific reasons.

i) Syria was governed by the Alawite Minority, rather than the Sunni majority.
ii) Under Assad, Christians were free and protected.
iii) Sunni Muslims decided to murder Assad and take control of the country.
iv) Surprise surprise he didn't like that and pounded the stuffing out of them.
v) Now...those Sunni Muslims are running away demanding to be allowed into Germany?


The first legal point to be made is that these people have committed serious crimes collectively, but that alone does not disqualify them from eligibility  under the UN convention.   What DOES disqualify them is their passing through a number of countries wanting to reach one specific country! (Germany)   They have already achieved 'refuge' in Turkey.... but not enough for them? Ok.. from that point on they are NOT eligible for compassion or acceptance under the UN convention.

Most of these people are pure country shoppers, irrespective of their difficulties in Syria.  Think about the Christians being massacred by them.. when they stopped being 'that nice Muslim neighbor for decades and suddenly became the Christians mortal enemy overnight when ISIS came to the village!

The final necessary point is, that they are already screaming and demanding to be allowed to goto Germany, they are breaking countless laws in the process... and if allowed they will add to the Muslim population which will in due course be completely out of control as we've seen in France and Sweden and Denmark.

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