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Thursday, August 13, 2015

UPF Bendigo March to be joined by Antifa as allies?

Pre Rally:

Gotcha :)  probably not in this lifetime, but the surreal thing is.. Antifa are adamant about the evils of capitalism, and UPF will be in Bendigo to howl and rant against the worst excesses of corrupt crony capitalism in regard to the proposed Mosque.. so theoretically, Antifa and the Lefties should be rallying WITH the UPF not against them.

We will see.

Nope.. Antifa were out there to bash bruise and belittle.  They hunted in packs like dogs.. seeking any person who 'looked' like a patriot. Pity..these young people have great passion, but it's misguided. UPF will soon begin "Remedial Classes" for bent antifa teeny boppers.

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