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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yet another 'progressive' (Green) bites the moral dust! more Child grooming!

Let's open this up with a very appropriate clip from Queen:

This is what Karel Solomon says of himself in his election bio:

“ has been involved in Marrickville’s diverse community for over 20 years as a volunteer and as a Justice of the Peace. He has a passion for community based grassroots sport and will vote for accessible, affordable, sporting facilities in Marrickville,” his election biography read.
“As a finance officer with a Finance and Economics degree and MBA from UTS I will also ensure Council is run in a financially viable manner and our small businesses get the support they deserve.”

It sounds  so ...'legitimate' doesn't it?  It sounds so ...'upstanding and responsible' ...right?

Now the reality!

Karel Solomon, a Greens member who contested the 2012 Marrickville local council election, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in an undercover police operation.
Police allege Solomon, 61, made sexually explicit comments to a police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl online during the operation last month.
He then planned to meet the girl at a Parramatta restaurant but was instead confronted by detectives.  (Daily Telegraph)

So, they seem to be dropping like flies.. Alex Gollan, Karel Solomon..how long before we see the name "Anthony Main" or his cronies up in lights for similar crimes?  These people seem to think they are a law unto themselves and also untouchable!  Notice the close connection between these people and themes like "diversity"?

This is yet another thing to 'Reclaim' from the clutches of such people!

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