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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

RECLAIM RALLY and UPF July 18th 2015

This was a historic rally. Not overwhelming numbers, but overwhelming spirit!  The largest numbers were the socialists, anarchists and general spoiled brats who decided that no one but they can have freedom of expression in Melbourne.  All their nefarious plans came to nought, as the Police, who did an absolutely superb job of keeping order and protecting innocent people, prevented these drug crazed, flea bitten, rabid hippies and hopeless tossers from reaching the Reclaimers in order to attack, assault and even kill them.

In spite of the already published promise from the perilous prancing Lefties that they would 'smash' the reclaimers,  the police said and did.."no"....

What amazed me is the monumental hypocrisy of the Left crowd. When the white speakers were at the mic..they were very loud and animated, screaming 'racist...nazi....fascist'.. etc..but when Danny Naliah went to the mic.. *silence*... they went mute...  it is abundantly clear that these true fascists (the Left) were also rabid racists..anti white racists.

By way of enecdotes. Myself and 2 other fellows went home by train. On the way I spoke a bit of Mandarin to an edlerly Chinese couple.. the man came and joined us... then it turned out that one of we three was married to a Chinese girl, myself also married to an Asian girl...so much for 'white racism'.... On the way in I also encountered a very charming and tenderhearted chinese women. I uttered only 3 words to her.. "Ni mingbai mah?" meaning "Do you understand me?"... she was so touched... she reached out and touched my knee as if to say "don't go away.. stay here"..then she used her smart phone to translate Chinese into English to speak to me.  She said she was a therapist.. and when she saw my bandaged hand (sprained wrist) she began to do therapeutic massage of the area damaged. Amazing..she could not speak a word of English but communicated with touch...and smartphone.   I had to get off at parliament....but gave her a soft hug that she reciprocated..and I went up to our 'racist' rally, as the Lefties and Media tend to describe it.

I think sadly...this is what the poor Lefties have lost...the beauty of simple human love.

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