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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reclaim and UPF- the day of reckoning draweth near!

I'm rather thrilled at the obvious desperation by the political left.  If  Reclaim was not a threat to their utopian vision of make us all like Greece.... they would not be having the political tantrums they are having.    Saturday will be most interesting.  I've heard rumors of lots of police, some Coptic Christians, Lebanese Christians, Assyrian Christians all coming to join in NON racial solidarity with the rest of Reclaim.

What about the UPF and the Great Aussie Patriot?  Their follow on rally will be around 1.00pm, 2 hours after the main reclaim event.  Nothing can be said as to outcome... but win lose or draw on the territory issue.. Reclaim is now a firm movement and not a 'moment.

Ad hoc surveys today reveal that universally, of  those surveyed, Aussies are on the Reclaim side, and support it.

I suppose we will all be singing the Medibank song "I feel better now... I feel better now." or..the Toyota jingle.. "Oh what a feeling- RECLAIM"

As for those contemplating violence against reclaim.. I strongly advise them to refrain and limit their protest to verbal fights.. poster attacks.. all the legal stuff.. if anyone steps over the mark they will be dealt with severely, arrested (by the Reclaimers)  and it will not end with the event.

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