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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tsunami or Rising Tide? The News and Social Change.

As we try to absorb the news, it becomes clear that it is impossible to do due emotional justice to a cascade of events that come at us like an onslaught from a Tsunami... crash, bang, whallop... one thing after another. Example, on the banner headline crossing the TV the other day, was a story about the murder of 300 Yazidis by ISIS.

"ISIS kill 300 Yazidis".....then.. "Royal Baby for Kate and William"

Now.. how in this wide world can anyone process these two pieces of information ?  One negates the other.. specially with our tendency to avoid bad news if possible.

DANGER.  The serious potential exists in this for the complete desensitization of our psyche to really bad things.
If we can just sit back for a bit and view the news in objective terms, and consider how the juxtaposition of various stories itself can 'create' a mindset, a news stance,  that can creep into our minds and our subconscious without our realizing, but more importantly, without us feeling in the slightest bit capable of 'doing' anything about it.

I mean.. come on..how can we do anything about ISIS from the comfort or our lounge rooms?  But what if the news is different and much closer to home...and could impact us in ways that would threaten our dignity and opportunity?

Example:  When the ABC Philosopher zone gave oxygen to a so called academic Adam Swift to peddle his bizarre theories about child rearing, they were illustrating just how dark and nefarious the political left can be in it's attempts to dumb down all members of society (except of course the intellectual elite in their camp) to make us more manageable and exploitable.

Swift and his academic thug friend want to 'forbid' parents from reading bed time stories for their children because it creates so much social advantage for such children. (more than sending them to an elite private school). His reasoning was that neglected children will miss out on the same opportunities available to loved children who's parents read to them, and to Swift, the most important thing is.. 'equality....of opportunity'....but his solution is like something from the twighlight zone..he wants to dumb down loved children to the same level as unloved children purely for the sake of making them all equal.. er..equally dumb!

This is the 'slowly rising tide' of social change that most people are unaware of, and because of how the news is presented, will most likely continue to be unaware!  Another dimension of this tide is the attempt to change the marriage act in favor of same sex marriage.  The news of various protests and demonstrations  tends to be sporadic, and unless someone is demonstrating and protesting on our doorstep, it's too easy to just tune out when such things happen.  After all.."how does that effect me?".  But what most of us don't realize, is that change IS happening and in places most of us will not tweak to... it happens in the halls of academia and in government, often in response to a perceived 'outcry' about this or that issue.. But then.. most of those crying out about 'this', are the same mob of professional protesters whining about 'that'.

That's the important question. We seldom  have the emotional and intellectual energy to really think through exactly 'how' this or that seemingly remote 'change' will impact us.  The first priority is our mortgage, our bills, our homes and our families.

I confess.. when I was younger and swamped by my own mortgage and the struggle of getting 3 children through their teenage years I was not as fervent as I am now about such things.  Well.. Reclaim Australia has opened up an opportunity to express my concerns in a more concrete and ebullient way. So, if you are prone to screaming at the 'Tube' and lecturing those in it who cannot hear your rants.. perhaps RECLAIM is for you? 

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