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Monday, June 8, 2015

The twisted distortion of "Reclaim" rally reporting.

It's amazing how something that is 'A' can be reported as a 'B'.  Reclaim rallies have been maligned by the Media and Reclaimers themselves have been mugged by professional protesters... they have been denied their right to free speech, and thus their civil rights have been infringed by hate groups who disagree with their viewpoint.

Lots of commentary on the Reclaim Australia movement has implied that we should dismiss the ugly and hateful demonstrations as the doings of an isolated pocket of society. (The Drum)

So speaks  Durkhanai Ayubi who appears to be a relic socialist from Afghanistan. She writes in the Drum, that soiled rag that people to the Left of Marx read and relish. This commentary from her is like  an observer at a Civil Rights march in the south, describing Martin Luther King Jr and his associates of being 'haters' because they stood up for their civil rights against white supremacy and oppression, and Ayubi probably regards "Bull Connor" as a kind of social progressive who is quite enlightened.

Bull Connor, hero of the Apartheid supporting Left,  saying "You cannot mix the races" in 1960s Birmingham, Alabama

She is watching Connor and his police troopers spray the hapless blacks with fire hoses, attack them with dogs, beat them with truncheons and then... (wonder of wonders) she will describe the marching Negro's as  "vicious blacks who are full of hate".

That's how absurd is Ayubi's bizarre assesment of the Reclaim Rally on April 4th.  It's absurd because in spite of the erosion of civil rights by a slashing and burning 'progressive' and politically correct hate  movement,  and in spite of the vicious physical attacks by those same 'progressives'..their rants, their rabid screams and hate filled howls.. on peaceful Reclaim civil rights protesters.... she claims the Reclaimers were 'ugly and hateful'. No..they were not. They were exercising the same rights that gay rights activists used to advance their cause except that the reclaimers were far more peaceful.

When violence erupted at Reclaim rallies it was when the socialists and anarchists physically attacked the reclaimers and tried to prevent them expressing their viewpoint.  In the isolated incidents of aggresssion shown by some marginal Relcaimers who came from an ideology not shared by the vast majority, (neo Nazi types)  even they were only attempting to have freedom of association that was being denied them by the "Bull Connor" types of anarchists and socialists. No..Reclaim does NOT want such people at their rallies (Neo Nazi types).. and I'm sure that future rallies will try to address this problem.   Desiring it and doing it are two different things. Running a rally 'aint easy'.

So let's have less leftist hysteria, less lies, less twist and distortion of fact..and find some truth that will set us free!
Let's take Ayubi herself for an example.... she relates:

As a child, my parents would tell me stories of the luxurious life they lived in Kabul, the 'Paris of Central Asia'.

But now?   she  currently serves as an Advisory Board member for Melbourne University's Social Equity Institute.

Lamenting her lost luxury one minute..now banging on about social equality? Hmmm who is kidding who?

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