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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Psychosis and Mental health Challenges of the white anti-white racism activist. (Anti Reclaim Australia protesters)

It all begins with an essay by Dr Noel Ignatiev, a Jewish marxist who has as his goal in life the abolishing of the white race...by any means.  It seems clear, on the evidence that this man himself has a serious mental illness or.. perish the thought, he has a malicious agenda of genocide that is absolutely  deliberate and willful in which case he his culpable of innumerable crimes against humanity by his own admission.

If this man was just some loony tunes whackjob and nutcase, we might scrounge up the willpower to forgive him for his anti white rants, but.. he was a Harvard Professor of History and spent the remainder of his pre retirement years at the Massachusetts college of arts still peddling his grand scheme of white anihilation. Further, if his mentally deranged rants and writings had faded to the obscurity deserved by the ramblings of an institutionalized person in an insane asylum, we might feel we have little to worry about.

But then his thinking is translated into a global characteristic of the more dribbling rabid end of the political Left, who are putting boots on the ground and in the faces of white people world wide... then we need to look more closely at what's going on?


“If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!"  

Response?  The good Professor’s sound and reasonable words resonate with every enlightened and progressive mind. They are indisputable and no one can debate them. They should not be controversial in the slightest, yet remarkably a few far-right extremists object to Prof. Ignatiev’s advice. The Professor however, reported receiving “a standing ovation” from his “largely white and middle class students.”

In my opinion. the 'progressive/ left' white anti white racists activists are suffering from a definite psychotic condition.

What is psychosis?
There is a group of illnesses which disrupt the functioning of the brain so much, they cause a condition called psychosis. When someone experiences psychosis they are unable to distinguish what is real — there is a loss of contact with reality. Most people are able to recover from an episode of psychosis.

What are the symptoms?
Among symptoms doctors look for are:
  • Confused thinking  ('standing ovation' .. see above)
    When acutely ill, people with psychotic symptoms experience disordered thinking. The everyday thoughts that let us live our daily lives become confused and don’t join up properly.
  • Delusions
    A delusion is a false belief held by a person which is not held by others of the same cultural background.
  • Hallucinations
    The person sees, hears, feels, smells or tastes something that is not actually there. The hallucination is often of disembodied voices which no one else can hear.
The main elements of this Leftist psychosis is that they are unable to put together the inherent contradiction of their own whiteness, and the 'idea' that to be 'white' is.....to be racist.  This idea attacks the core of their being....because they are....'white'... meaning....they are themselves racist.  So how do they cope with this? Firstly by believing it is true.. (bizarre at best) then largely by overcompensating in becoming involved in 'anti white racism' activist events.
This somehow assuages their sense of guilt based on their skin color.
Mentally Ill angry Leftists. (notice they are white!)

If they were seriously convinced of this problem, the best way to remove it would be suicide. But that would just be one more (and irreversible) layer of irrationality on another.   They feel and see things that are not there. An example is....when they see a white male holding the hand of a black male in human solidarity.. they still see a 'white racist' in the white man.

Racial Solidarity at Melbourne Reclaim Rally- in this the psychotic Leftists see a white racist and an oppressed black man. Funny though, the black man seems to be unaware of this....

 The level of personal mental  trauma  they must feel when they put their anti-white activism into hyperdrive, and then look in a devastating mirror and see..."oh God...I'm still white!"  will probably keep an army of therapists going for a decade.

Their disordered thinking can be quite dangerous to the public, because they seem to be oblivious of the crimes of violence they commit when engaging in their self righteous Pharisee like activism. Their delusions, and possibly hearing voices (of Marx?)   means they are a danger to themselves as well as the general public such as in the image below where one of the Leftist leaders Anthony Main is assaulting an innocent event goer to a private function on private land.

The signs of psychosis are very evident in the faces of these very angry and delusional people at Reclaim type rallies.... the programming by their  calculating leaders becomes very clear in the level of irrational hatred and loathing for something that does not exist, but they, in their deluded state, have come to believe it does exist...quite apart from any evidence to the contrary.

We need to treat these poor individuals with compassion, and support as far as possible. Sadly, all of these mental health issues are reinforced by the same deluded types as themselves.. and these are led by very rational but very evil people who know how to manipulate these mental health issues for their own nefarious political agenda.

A dose of cognitive science.

The brain and sensory system works like this... each sense neuron has a threshold. Once the stimulus exceeds that threshold, a stream of pulses (yep..electical)  is sent to the 'cpu' the central processing unit of the brain. (More Neurons) This then compares the stimulus with a memory bank of accumulated data, much like a microprocessor does with acquisition of real world events.  Decisions are made by comparing the data base information with the current sensory information.  The dopamine reward sub system is able to interact with the above, to remind the CPU that 'last time you experiences this stimulus.. it turned out 'bad'..painful, traumatic etc or.. if the experience was positive that it is to be enjoyed.

There seems to be a disconnect in white anti white racism activists between the sensory reality and the dopamine reward sub system. To illustrate with some machine language from a program I use.


The first instruction means "Compare the number measured at the hardware.. (stored in location &iSENSE) with the reference number for the maximum allowable current. &iMAX.
DECISION. "JHS"  this means "jmp to (somewhere) if the value of &iSENSE is equal to or greater than the value of &iMAX. 
SOMEWHERE will usually pull back on the drive of the device to keep it within a safe operating area.  If the sensed value of &iSENSE is below the reference &iMAX then there is no jump.. the program continues to loop.

The brain is one huge loop, that is comparing sensed information with stored information. Now.. this is where it becomes very strange and non normal.  The white Anti white racism activist should be, under normal genetic programming, see a white person and think.. "Same as me...support him/her" but instead of that they see something different.. it's like they take the jump when they should have kept on looping. 

Many experiments have been done to show that organisms and animals will love or protect those genetically closest to them.  This should mean that all white people will support their own genetic kin over and above non them.  For the sake of this discussion, we must point out instances where a white man sees another white man molesting a black female... or a child... and he will normally move in to protect the person being harmed irrespective of their color.  Genetic solidarity intersects also with empathy, and  our memory bank will tell us that to permit that white man to harm a child or a black woman, will have very negative consequences if left unchallenged. (a convoluted means of self protection)

This is where the political leftist is confused. They see harm when there is no harm.. they will invent it, make it up.. claim it etc..  They also don't see the long term outcome of their course of action. (This might indicate a pre frontal cortex that is immature, and considering many if not most of these activists are young.. it might be the case)
If they see 'white privilege' in society.. they must also recognize that if the majority of people were black, or Arab or Asian...that the same would apply.. 'Black privilege/Arab privilege/Asian privilege. 

The absence of their ability or willingness to consider this is a symptom of either mental impairment or.. calculated harm intention.

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