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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Popes Encyclical- Climate change or..Social change- Is he confused?

I was quite fascinated by the Popes interesting dabble in the depths of climate science, because he made a very revealing confession that we seldom see to closely juxtaposed with the climate debate. He said.. "We must combat global warming and repay out social debt to the poor".. can't find that exact quote right now

It is necessary to frame the discussion "so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor".

This sounds good in theory but it reveals the real nature of the Climate debate... Income redistribution in the clever disguise of "Fixing the Climate".  It's almost like a young boy finds a small hole in a Dutch dyke, then after he goes and tells the local authorities, they run hither and thither, helter skelter this way and that... talking about the price of peas, and do nothing about the hole itself!

That's my main gripe about the 'Global Warming' industry.  It is too closely related to bizarre  ideas of so called social justice, and far too little about actually fixing the problem.

Here is the alleged real problem:

Scientists attribute recent temperature rises and ocean acidification to human activities like burning coal and oil, and clearing forests. These activities lead to greenhouse gases being released in to the atmosphere at such levels that they exceed natural concentrations and become pollutants.

SOLUTION?  obviously.. to burn less coal, and plant more trees in places where we don't need massive food producing areas.


The World Resources Institute estimates that Australia was responsible for 1.1% of all CO2 emissions between 1850 and 2002.   Soooo.... if we reduce our output by hmmm.. 20% that will mean we then contribute .9%  in short.. meaningless.
China produces 23% and the USA produces 19%... together a whopping 42%  and this makes Australia's projected 1% by 2030 or our 1.1% now... pale into insignificance.

We are number 16 in global contributions.  

CONCLUSION  Ratbags and rebels and rabid ranters in Australia should get off their environmental high horses and sober up! Aim your angst at China!  Oh wait... many of you are Unionists and are in fact working for the commercial interests of the Peoples republic of China with your incessant demands for higher wages in our manufacturing sector.. sorry..I almost forget that for a moment of madness!

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