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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Reclaim... Cronulla ?

Nope..nope....nope. But there is something to be said about this.  The reasons for the volatile outpouring of 'Aussie Spirit' on that day were entirely valid.  Four Corners interviewed some of the young men from the Shire, and one said "Luke"... "We can't make a call on it... the media brands us as racists" which is code for.. "We were utterly sick to our eyeballs of Muslim Lebanese thuggery  visiting our area every weekend. We are sick of young Lebanese Muslim males preventing anyone else from using 'their' Rockpools.. as they saw the public rockpools... for 'their' women.

A lot of silly jingoism went on that weekend.. and some very shoddy and poor policing.  It was not well planned, so much of what was said was disjointed and disgruntled.. not meaning much other than "let's say a few words before we belt up some lebs"  (and 'wogs' according to the SMS that was floating around.)

RECLAIM and the Cronulla spirit.   Todays aussie patriots have grown up a lot since those days, and become a lot more media savvy... by and large not really caring how the Media spins things, because they have given up thinking their case will get a balanced or fair shake from profit driven newspapers and current affairs shows who think first and foremost about 'advertising revenue and profit'.

Today the Patriot movement is also very aware that spontaneous 'reactionary'  outbursts of patriotic and 'anti muslim' feeling will not utlimately achieve much except revenge attacks and an unsympathetic media.

The Sydney scene seems to be dominated by the 'Great Aussie Patriot'.. Sherman Burgess and a few others like Nick Folkes and whoever is running the remnants of the 'Australia Protectionist Party- APP if it still exists.  But the dramatic Nation wide "Reclaim" rallies made people sit up and take notice.. the only violence was from rabid Left wing trolls who attacked innocent reclaimers.  There was hardly a Muslim in sight.


That was then....this is now. Many things have happened since then and the surging Muslim population is one of them.  Immigration, fertility, unofficial polygamy, all conspire to advance their cause, and at our expense as multiple wives are often on public housing (such as one family of a convicted terrorist we know of in Fitzroy (Melb) who has 1 lawful wife and 3 unofficial).

Now, with a more structured and mature movement, you can give yourselves and your energies to making RECLAIM or.. in Sydney perhaps it will be UNITED PATRIOTS FRONT that holds the biggest sway....you are now needed more than ever.. but it won't be about bashing anyone other than verbally or in self defense as the Leftists Marxists and drug crazed anarchists try to chew you up.  That kind of 'bashing' is totally legal and lawful.. self defence is an enshrined right in our law... but it must not go further than 'reasonable force'. However, if faced by an enraged mob.. I suggest that 'all stops be out' in defending your life and property.

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