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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh the Irony.. the rise of.. SPECTRE! and Nationalism in Australia

Spectre was the 'bad evil organization aimed at global domination in the Bond Classic "Thunderball". 

Today we have a real life 'Spectre' in the form of...."Barbara Spectre" who resides in Sweden. She set up a 'Jewish institute of learning' and believes, or rather emphatically states that "Jews will hold a leading role in the imposition of Multiculturalism in Europe"...and because of this, 'Jews will be resented' she says.

I first came across this woman while viewing a rather 'full on'  white nationalist video that caused me to do some digging. My first shovel full revealed that the Video which purports to expose a 'Jewish plot' to destroy America by campaigning for civil rights for blacks, and at the same time seeks to intensify 'white guilt'.  According to the video.. a man named "Israel Cohen" (can you get a more Jewish name than that?) outlined this program in some kind of communist manifesto type document that is rolled across the screen while displaying large numbers of white nationalists in various places in Europe.

The video concludes with some footage of a protest just 2 weeks ago in Richmond Victoria where Nationalists clashed with Socialists and Anarchists over space at the threshold of the Richmond council offices. Quite an intense time one might say!

So.. my first port of call was the great deep harbor of... Wikipedia to see what it says about this "Israel Cohen" character.  It claimed the document "A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century" never existed, and that his 'manifesto' was akin to the anti semitic  propaganda piece 'protocols of zion'.

I'm not entirely convinced by the Wiki article, and would like to look further when time allows.

Anyway..the video is now gone.. so it's a bit of a  non issue now I suppose.

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