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Friday, June 19, 2015

Nationalism- the pathway to elimination of Racism

Aside from the most compelling psychological studies that are irrefutable, common sense tells us that when a divided people are faced with either a common enemy or a common noble goal, the divisions between then fade quickly and they will work together for survival.

Racism divides people. Public policy that panders to division rather than union also exacerbates those differences and that division.
Public policy must, at all costs be aimed at uniting, and breaking down the articificial "Berlin Walls" erected by certain parties who believe that 'diversity' is somehow good for the Nation or... and more likely, who believe that a divided people is easier to manage and conquer!

I won't write more on that topic right now.. but this background explains why I am an ardent "Nationalist" rather than Left or Right in political orientation.  The Nation first.. 'ethnic groups' last.  I would, if I had the power,... obliterate the networks and infrastructure of difference, division and denigration that inevitably arises between one group with a strong ethnic identity and non them who are 'the other' relative to them.

We will be ONE Natino.. ONE people.. ONE culture-where that culture is the natural emergence of a nation of many cultures that blend into one.  This must sound like a fingernail on a blackboard to the racist socialists, greens  and anarchists out there who desperately cling to outmoded notions of separate identity that they exploit for their own political purposes.  For them I have only one response..scraaaaaaatch. (on the blackboard)

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