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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cognitive Science and the Reclaim Protests

Have a look at the image below (credit aap) then..ponder the discussion.

In the foreground, you can see expressions of physical conflict between two groups of men. On the Right, (haha.. politically too?) is the poster boy for the Political Left and the mass media.. a skinhead type with (on the other side of his head) some small swastika's. On the Left (yep..the political as well as in the image) we have some other people and they are all going at it. Essentially the group on the Left is trying to deny the group on the right (not just 'poster boy', but all the mums and dads who also intend to reclaim this nation) access to their pre organized rally location.

Without digressing too far, let it be stated that such despotism is fascism.... yes..the Fascists are on the Left and the left in this case.
Now. in the background you can see what looks like an ISIS flag.. it's probably not, but it looks like  one....and possibly is intended to look like one?.

QUESTION.  Now to the main reason for this entry. In terms of cognitive connection.... brain neurological condition....what is it that makes these two major groups think so differently about a few issues? With the possible exception of swastaka poster boy and his grubby mates.... the vast majority of Reclaimers are against Racism. Allegedly, so are the Lefties. So.....what can explain this "hoppo-bumpo-biff-punch-yell-scream" at each other?  Let's remember.. it was not just swastika boy who was being belted and kicked while trying to get into the lawful protest spot... it's just that the Media see's more advertising revenue runs to be had in making him the focus of the day.

So..'why' ?    Well.. supposedly, we 'are' only the sum total of our experiences and exposures. "We" are nothing more than a bunch of neurons all connected by those experiences, educational and entertainment exposures.  The totality of life experience. (Crick)
According to the Kant.. the enlightenment means mankind is free of the self imposed straightjacket of non reason because of religious faith... So.. now 'reason' reigns supreme.. a presupposition of the enlightenment was the all people would think the same about any issue and arrive as 'reasonable conclusions' that were the same. Hmm..hows that working out for Mr Kant? (image above).

At this point we might need to examine this situation in a different light.  At the lead of the Lefties are some curious people. Unconvicted CriminalAnthony Main being one.  They are driven by adherence to what is usually called a Marxist understanding of the world.  Now this is one of those 'educational' experiences that people are exposed to.
Unfortunately, and in spite of the philosophical and many other errors in Marx's view, these poor drongo's have swallowed it hook line and sinker and have the zeal of a new religious convert in their enthusiasm for this errant way of thinking.

Couple this with the fact that a considerable number of these Lefties' are homosexual and lesbian and 'who knows' what in between.. that is another driving factor that energizes their opposition to the prevailing system of values, and particularly those connected to Churches.

SOLUTION. Well.. I think there is one.. and it's called 'cognitive repair therapy'.... sadly, simply showing a Jehovah's Witness that the Bible does not teach us to allow our children to die when they are in need of a blood transfusion....rarely produces the needed cognitive repair that gives life rather than death to innocent children. The same applies to a convinced left winger.  They are not only surrounded by like minded people, they are swamped with a flood of selective information about the world and economics, about so called Human Rights and so on..much like the Jehovah's Witness can crawl back to his Kingdom Hall every Sunday for a recharge of heresy.

The Lefties have their own 'Church' and it's their discussion groups, Trades Hall.. their visiting speakers.. and not to forget their 'martyrs'.. it all conspires to produce a tradition that can be very compelling for a vulnerable young person who is rather idealistic.  In Paul Howes case.. (he is my pinup boy for cognitive repair of a socialist) he just visited Cuba and that convinced him to give up the screaming in the streets and substitute it with the pin stripes of a suit in the boardroom of an industry superannuation fund.

There is one other solution..and it's the best one. I hope the Lefties will read one or all of the Gospels, and discover as I've done that there is One who towers over all the other icons of history, One  who can renew the mind, reshape the will and revive hope which all, when taken together, mean salvation.  Not through some psychological formula, or sociological prescription, but through a renewal that Jesus described as being 'born again'.

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