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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Australian Muslim De Radicalization Program.. vs one which actually works!

Forty Million smackers .... to 'de-radicalize' young Muslims, mostly male.  But will it work?   Unfortunately, the whole program appears to be presupposed on the basis of:

"If we just give them the right information, encourage them, make them not feel neglected or marginalized... employ community leaders, family... they will give up their silly and extreme ideas and Australian will be in peace, harmony and utopian glee".

To show the utter farcical nature of this approach.. you need only to watch this video to see that Islam absolutely teaches a general call to the violent overthrow of non Muslim governments.  This Muslim Nadir Ahmad is perplexed when he realizes exactly what he is reading..and thinks it must be a  'typo' in his notes.

But back to our topic of 'de-radicalization'.

Dr Anne (Azza) Aly has put a proposal to the federal government to fund a program that has been successfully used in Germany with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. It is also being established in Britain to help disrupt foreign fighters heading to Syria and Iraq. 
She said its primary focus is on the critical security issue of foreign fighters, both those wanting to travel overseas to fight as well as returnees.
"It helps families and communities to intervene and dissuade people from becoming radicalized and going to fight in other countries," Dr Aly said.

The Hayat program works on the idea that the minds of people being radicalized cannot be changed by force and threats from authorities but rather by their next of kin.
The program starts with a hotline for family or friends to call and register their concerns. That triggers an assessment of the situation by a team of experts to determine the stage of radicalization they are at and whether an intervention is needed. Then a specific program is worked out for the family and friends to undertake to re-engage the individual at risk.
Some of that involves training families on how to speak to the individual, bringing in religious counselors if necessary and providing 24/7 support for the family if needed.

Forgive that huge guffaw that just came from my shuddering body!... "experts" ?  "Next of kin"...only a total idiot and uneducated twit would accept  both of those connecting ideas in regard to "Islamic" passion.. it's absurd to call it 'radicalization' when it should be described as..'normalization'.. in the sense that  the conduct and behavior of ISIS is based on the model of Muhammad himself!   This is why no amount of family or 'religious counselors' will have much impact.  The prospective 'radical' need only to refresh his mind about the 'truth' of Muhammad's life and instruction, the Quran itself and the Hadith and Histories and voila...he is back in the 'normal' place of the true Muslim.

He will more likely regard his family as "munafiq"...a technical Muslim arabic word that describes people who 'outwardly' practice Islam but inwardly are concealing their unbelief.  The 'religious counselors' will strike him the same way.
If this was a normal 'cult' situation,  the inductee could be shown the dark side of the cult, the pain, suffering and anguish of families torn apart and shown how this contrasts with the public persona of the cult. This would apply to Scientology, and various other cults.  But with Islam..the pain and suffering, the dislocation of families etc are seen as a badge of honor for the 'true' Muslim who puts "Allah and his Apostle" above everything else.  Hence the total futility of thinking you can spend a bunch of money, send in a few counselors and 'fix' the person.

There is even application for the Yale conducted "Robbers Cave" experiment about group identity and how, after causing a cultural conflict situation between the two groups of young white teenagers.. the Minister they brought in to preach on "brotherly love" to overcome the animosity between groups  was interpreted as meaning "I must love my fellow Rattler" or "My fellow Eagle" but that love was not to be extended toward the other group.

SINGAPORE.   They have a program which apparently works.  ISIS is trying to infiltrate the Muslim Malay's in Singapore who are 13% of the total.  I don't know all of the specific measures Singapore is using.. but knowing Sg fairly well, we would not be told anyway.  However.. I recall something that happened there many years ago that has stayed with me ever since, and which I have translated into my own 'Media policy' in various documents open for public scrutiny.  It involves 5 journalists who had written material that was considered 'dangerous'...not so much because of what they actually wrote.....but..and its an important 'but'.. because of the...*thinking* behind what they wrote.  They were arrested and incarcerated under the internal security act..and in my view.. rightly so!

Singapore has experienced it's share of communist agitators who infiltrated the bus company's and other 'worker' establishments and they were quite successful in raising the anger levels of those workers and translating that into strikes.

See the timeline link above to locate the quote below in context:  (relates to Malaysia but Singapore faced the same thing)

1 June 1968
The CPM issued a policy statement proclaiming the renewal of armed revolt to establish a People's Republic of Malaya.

COMMENT.  This declaration is where it all becomes very very dangerous for ordinary people in remote villages. The communists don't play fair, they play the hardest ball you can imagine. The begin with the assumption that 'they' are the only valid government, (even though they might be a motley band of guerillas in the bush)..and then they 'tax' villages and 'conscript' their children.. mostly teenage males to be inducted and brainwashed into the movement. All of this usually begins with a small bunch of radical students as some University who then become the 'brains' behind the movement.

CONCLUSION. We have drifted somewhat from the 'Islamic radicalization' at the beginning, but let me just emphasize that a careful study of this period (1930 to 1970) and how the radical groups operated, will be very instructive to any government wishing to control such a problem in 2015! 


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