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Sunday, May 10, 2015

United Kingdom of (once) Great Britain.... the end of the Labor Party.

I'ts one thing to regret the loss of an election by a small but hotly contested margin. It's another to see  around a quarter of your previous seats uprooted and won by a nationalist Party...being the Scottish National Party.

This is without doubt the end of British Labor. Lost.. alone...forlorne and I have absolutely NOT a shred of pity for these slimey, dirty, grubby, morally impoverished creatures who allowed 1400 white female children to be systematically abused for years and years.. by Pakistani Muslim males.  This toxic, venomous excuse for a political party was crazed with fear of being called 'racist' if they clamped down on this on-going abuse.  They also relied heavily on the Muslim VOTE!

So, in the grand scheme of things... and winning power at any cost.. what's the problem with sacrificing a few hundred human beings for the sake of victory????  It seems that was the attitude of Labor and it's senior Police appointees, specially "Midlands Police".

It makes me want to PUKE with projectile intensity when I see documentaries of Midland Police 'interceptor' or other branches picking on people who speed, or have no insurance on their cars.. etc.. but will do NOTHING to stop vile sexual abuse by Pakistani Muslims on white children!

So...to the Labor inhumans out there in England.. if this election was a knife.. I'd withdraw it from your back and then thrust it into your heart... and twist it something awful.. and then throw salt in the wound.. such is your just deserts...you are horrible, awful, without morals, and a conspicuous example of the worst of humanity!

If you think this is a ringing endorsment of the Cameron crowd? Think again...  they are simply 'less' of all these things mentioned above than you! 

I feel sad for the people of Britain, who now have to feel the heartache of watching people elected to carry out a purpose....fade and fail and founder as they try to balance the private interests of their network, with the public expectations.  Oh yes..YES minister will be operating on turbo under Mr Cameron who used some skilful weasel words "I HOPE to govern for all of Britain"....yes..'hope'.. 

Big Business  (Cameron and Co) and Big Labor  (Milliband and gang) are like two branches of the same forked tongue which protrudes from the mouth of the red bellied black snake of slithering self interest and shameless greeeeed!  We the people need to CRUSH the whole head!

After that, we will take your dwindling dollars of desperation, and your jangling cents of economic despair..and turn them into the coinage and currency of a new social order that puts the Nation first!

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