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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Baby which will change the world!

 Australia, it's time for sober reflection about our future.

Seldom in the experience of life do videos or images 'move' me to a seriously determined direction, they inform, they entertain, they reinforce....but this one ?  If I told you the thoughts that I seriously entertain regarding the people in the background... well perhaps it's all better left unsaid.

This Baby will be the rallying call for hundreds of thousands of Australians to get off their picnic blankets, wake from their sleep, and don the full armor of the Nation, for the battle of the century, the very liberty and survival of our Nation.

look up this link for the video on the Great Aussie Patriot's page, you can express your support for him and the RECLAIM movement there or on the page linked below, it will change your life!  Just scroll through the page until you find it.


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