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Friday, May 22, 2015

STOP the Flood and Stop it NOW! (Bengali Invasion of Australia)

I don't know what word you would use to describe 8000 people at one time, but when they are heading for a 'better life' there is no other word that suits except "Flood".  This is just the hole in the dyke, it might be only as big as a finger now, but over a few weeks of constant erosion by the flow of water, it will eventually lead to a total breakdown of the dyke wall and the land will be irretrievably flooded with salt water..... or people..

If we allow just the Bengalis' alone to arrive in Australia, there will not be a few thousand more...it will be hundreds of thousands even  millions plus who want to come here.  (they already 'want' to)  We have absolutely no obligation to them, they are not refugees. They are 'economic migrants' who are seeking to impose their will by force on Australia and surrounding nations. That's the problem. "by force" hence our Prime Ministers "nope...nope....nope"

They might not have guns, but it is an invasion in all but that.  Once they establish a community beachhead, they will fan out from that as all invasions do.. first establish the beachhead, then consolidate it.. bring in needed provisions for 'phase II' then.. fan out across the Nation you are invading.

No one told these people from Bengal to have so many children that they put a strain on their own resources... tradition and culture and ignorance did. Well.. you sow the seed you reap the crop!

Illegal BENGALIS NOT WELCOME IN AUSTRALIA!  Let that message be very clear and in Neon brightness across our sky and on our beaches.  You call this 'racism' ?  Absurd...this is about preserving our own sustainability!

Illegal ROHINGYA'S NOT WELCOME IN AUSTRALIA!  For this group there are two reasons.. the first reason is the same as for the Bengalis, the second is they are Muslim.  Muslims are already seeking to dominate Australia way out of proportion to their numbers. We don't need more.

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