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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today some final planning was done regarding the RECLAIM/ PATRIOT rally in Richmond tomorrow.  The geography was scoped out, plans laid.. and we are looking good for the day.

I've heard there might be come rather criminal actions by the Left.  Some rumors of a local shopkeeper heating up pies to scolding temperature to be hurled at the Patriots.  Let's hope the Police are enough and able to catch any such crime in the act.

Fortunately (?) there is a police station right beside the meeting place.

The rally went ahead, with a clear victory for the Aussies.  We managed against all numerical odds to take a beachead on the steps of Richmond council. Police lines crumbled against the force of a large number of leftists, but in the ensuing melee, our boys made it to the objective and waved our flag.

We need to extend a hearty thankyou to the Lefties for their colorful presence and for making it a very newsworthy day! We regret that silly old "Swastika" man was there yet again..and gave some credence to the Lefty chant "Nazi scum off our streets".. as a concession to the Left.. I have to agree with them on that score.. but there was only that one visible nazi presence.   As far as I know there might have been a few others who attached themselves.. much like the criminal Antifa attach themselves to the more moderate Lefties.   We all have our moron element.

Anyway... many useful lessons were learnt, and we remain inspired to continue the struggle for truth, justice and fairness no matter how the Media reports it.. "Race Fury Explodes" said the Herald Sun... onya HS.. you really got that wrong...  I'm thinking a nice loud demo outside HS premises would be a happy occasion.

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