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Monday, May 4, 2015

Blatant Racism at Gore Industries!

Seldom in the history of cultural atrocities have I seen such an evil and racist attack on the identity of most Americans as I see at Gore Industries.  They have a 'diversity' policy which is so bigoted and racist it defies description. This is it:

A Culture of Diversity

Our culture welcomes different viewpoints and people from a variety of environments and backgrounds. Our unique lattice organization and core principles are catalysts to participation, communication, and creativity. Our associates are what differentiate Gore as an enterprise and fuel our growth. Knowledge, expertise, talents, creativity, and hard work are what lead to unique, valuable, and profitable products. It is for this reason that attracting, growing, energizing, and retaining the best talent is critical to our success.

A Practice of Diversity

To continue to be a leading technology company and one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America,” we need great talent from all sources. To do this, we focus on recruiting and retaining the best through:
  • Associate networks
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Diversity awareness training
  • Diversity and work/life benefits

Associate Networks

These self-organized groups drive networking, development, education and outreach initiatives. Current U.S. networks include groups supporting African-American, Asian, Latino-Hispanic, LGBT, Native American, physically challenged, veteran, and female associates. A White Men Supporting Diversity network is also active.

COMMENT ..Really?..... fair dinkum... true blue? no shite?  Let me see if I have this right.. If I'm 'white'....my role is to stand around clapping everyone else who is non white (racism) in their goal of self advancement, but me?... because of my skin color  (discrimination) I cannot have my own "white advancement business collective" so to speak. See how radical it sounds when you add the word 'white' to such a sentence?  But if you have NAACP..
"National Association for the Advancement of Colored peoples"  (racism) then.....there's no problem? Rubbish!  Adding racial tags of ANY kind is....'racism'.

Gore industries is probably the most monumental stand out RACIST company in America. It's as though they have a special 'GORE' image carved out of that 'presidential' mountain Mt Rushmore.

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