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Monday, May 4, 2015

Black "Jews" verses White "Jews" in Tel Aviv.

You have to smile a little at this..  the unravelling of "Multi" culturalism and ethnic separatism in Israel (to name but one of thousands of failed multicultural policies world wide) has erupted into Jew vs Jew... sounds like the old Spy vs Spy a bit.... but this is serious,  it is the same old pattern of a predictable problem stemming from stubborn denialism by politically stupid (=PC) authorities who defy every rational molecule  and every syllable of evolutionary psychology in the universe when they maintain 'multi' culturalism is a good thing.

It's not.. it's a dangerous powder keg with a timer.  In this case it was as simple as a white Jewish policeman (as in....."less black") punching a more black Ethiopian soldier.  This has resulted in an outpouring of rage and rabid citizens onto the streets ready for a rockthrowing fest against the 'less black' Jewish authorities.

This can only happen when the ethiopian community has a sense of independent identity, fostered by the policy of "Multi" -culturalism rather than assimilation.

As that song goes..."when will they ever learn?"

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