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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Program of TOTAL social control! (MicroManagement of your life)

After reading the source information, and listening over and over to the same podcast,it suddenly dawned on me just how easy it would be to exert total control over families and individuals in terms of their socialization.

It all relates to the importance of 'Bed Time Stories' and how they connect to person building.  In this article/podcast, Philosopher (?) Adam Swift maintains that Bed Time Stories are the single most important factor in developing what he calls "unfair social disadvantage" on other children who don't receive such parental input.

This clown even goes so far as to say that bed times stories for children have a higher impact on advantaging children than sending them to elite private schools!  Just think.. save the $8000 per term at Billanook College, by simply reading Dr Seuss stories or Nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Little Red riding hood etc...to your children.

Ok.. if this advantage is real, and the creation of a more 'equal' society for all depends on removing this factor from upbringing, how might this removal be enforced?  This is as simple as ABC...123... so simple in fact as to be very very creepy and scary.  All you need do is inform kindergarten teachers (Employees of the State) about this and instruct them to 'monitor' such 'evil' activities by the following method:  They simply ask the children casually, "Do mummy and daddy read bed time stories to you?"...or "did they read to you this week?"   That's all it takes.  When these innocent vulnerable children are asked questions by an authority figure. their desire for acceptance and approval will most likely drive them to give honest answers.

Once the information is extracted from the children, the names of the parents are placed on a register that will be sent to the department of human services, who will in turn send a 'social worker' out to the home to 'advise' the parents of the dangers of reading bed time stories to their child.   This would be followed up with increasingly harsher remedial measures aimed at stamping out and crushing this 'elitist individual spirit'.

In all this there are 2 major issues.

1/ "The State".... it implies a view that there is in fact a social/political elite anyway..who have total control over your life.

2/ "Disadvantage".  If neglected children are disadvantaged by diligent parents investing time in lovingly reading stories to their offspring... why 'dumb down' those people for the sake of the neglected so they don't feel 'left out'? Why not invest state resources into 'smartening up' the neglected, disadvantaged children????? If all it takes is the reading of stories..good grief.. instead of spying on good parents and using state resources to crush them, why not have teachers and carers at infant welfare centers ask "Have mummy or daddy been reading you bed time stories?"
(It's the same question) but instead of punishing diligent parents with state threats,  use the same power to 'smarten up' the neglectful parents?

No matter whether you use state power to dumb down or smarten up...it's still TOO much power in the hands of a social/political elite, or a government.

It gives me the heeby jeebies to think that any Government see's itself as the source of all truth, and power, but that is exactly what Adam Swift and his 'meth head' sociologist(socialist)/philosopher mates are suggesting.

This is the article and it includes links to the podcast.

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