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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The New Matilda discovers...MORALITY?


Of course, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s comments this morning slamming Labor for a racist campaign – while fair – fail to acknowledge his own party's history of filthy, race-based dog whistling. But then, when was politics ever about reality?
Despite all this, NSW lefties can still take heart from this weekend’s election. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for those who believe morality should play a part in politics.

Amazing.....this left of Left Marxian/PolPotian cyber rag claims to have discovered or..perhaps is "Reclaiming"  -.morality?  ......... now those dots before the 'now' were the pause you needed to clean up after my projectile splooooosh of my coffee as I chocked back the loudest guffaww and exclamation in history!   Putting "morality" and The Left in the same paragraph let alone same sentence is tantamount to the most brutish murder of the word 'morality' in history.

There's nothing quite like having your pet theory mugged and maimed by some rather cruel facts.  The 'morality' of the Left is where they brutalize an old lady by screaming and ranting at her, then just about wringing the life out of her frail arm.

Here is another Matilda-esque 'morality' from the Left....
Check out the image below...I think it's the brother of that Leftist maniac!
We could go on forever with image after image that demonstrate the true colors of the New Matilda support base.. even the base they are chasing!  But how dare they call anyone who mentions  the national origin of those who wish to buy our countries assets a 'racist'...

This is a pretty important question, but in short, based on the evidence, it seems the New Matilda and all the Union based Leftist loonies are in fact representing the interests of the Peoples Republic of China, and it's vast manufacturing base, including the Great Wall vehicle manufacturing company, that will now flood the market with cars to fill the void left by the decimation of Nissan, Mitusbishi, Ford, Holden and  Toyota.

It stands to the simplest of reasoning that if you happen to be a member of China's capitalist club of bosses, and you want to take over the market in another country, a good way to do it is to crank up the cost of manufacturing, wages, conditions etc.. until it becomes a very poor joke to try to make a few dollars in Australia, and you just close down.

Some philosophically adventurous people might call this a 'post hoc ergo proctor hoc' logical fallacy.. "if this, then that"  but I'd call it 'right on the money'....  So, I'd rather see the New Matilda, and it's OLD immorality languish in the quicksand of debt and delusion.

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