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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Today I attended the Melbourne 'RECLAIM' rally and it was beyond description AWESOME!

Thousands turned up to support Reclaim and the dirty feral tired old Lefties were there violently trying to shut us down. Can you imagine the joy of watching their fuming frustrated fatigued faces as they were grinding their teeth and huffing and puffing to try to invade our space.

They looked like worn out old rags.  Even the young ones were getting early wrinkles because of the facial contortions that go with the level of hatred in their hearts.  Way too much hate, for far too long has taken it's toll on these poor wretches.. I think it's time we gave them a consoling hug :)

BLEAT BLEAT BLEAT...they whined...they moaned, the whinged, they wailed and they just seemed soooo tired... like spoiled children who had just been denied their favorite toy, they had  tantrums here and  spasmodic crying fits there and became hysterical in the other place. Desperate to defeat us, but definitely disappointed on that score!


Yes..now it's world wide global publicity for the RE-CLAIM cause and now this meeting has morphed into a movement.

Present at the Reclaim Rally were people of every color and race... they were most welcome! Does anyone notice the skin color of the 'patriot' on the right ?

THE MEDIA SPIN on the Event.

4 Apr 15

RALLY AGAINST RACISM // getting choked by some ignorant racists was worth standing up for what I believe in today // Muslims are welcome - racists are not // stand in allegiance with asylum seekers, the traditional owners of Australia and anybody who believes in treating others with love and respect

THIS is hilarious.  Only someone who was there (like me) can even begin to appreciate how monumental that persons hypocrisy is.. "love and respect"  oh my oh my..if you could have seen the rage, if you could have sensed the hate, if you could have felt the violent attacks... from that person and others like him/her... THEN you would realize that the true racism and divisiveness is on their table not ours.  They speak 'love' and respect' but deny those words with their rabid and criminal actions.

PROBLEM 1 They called us.."nazi's" (no surprise there) and "racists"  but among us were people of many races and skin colors! They even admitted on one poster "Yes, Islam is a religion but your still racists"  At least that was a grain of truth.. that Islam is the issue...  In spite of one very unwelcome man who was a clear white supremacist, with some rather ugly tattoos on his skin head.. he was ONE..and we were thousands.

PROBLEM 2   UNION EXTREMISM on behalf of the Peoples Republic of China?

I hope the general public is awake to the fact that this abysmal display of degenerate hate filled Left wing socialist extremism can never mask their true agenda of hate and division. They had the usual rubbish on posters about "Jobs, Refugees"  but you know that these are the same Union affiliated people who trashed the livelihoods and jobs of the whole Vehicle manufacturing industry of Australia in favor of the vehicle builders of the Peoples Republic of China, i.e....Great Wall!  Now the Ford, Holden and Toyota workers languish on the human scrap heap..sacrificed on  the blood soaked alter of "end justifies the means" to maintain Union bosses in the power and luxurious lifestyle they have become accustomed to!

Those discarded workers now face the grim prospect of existence and life in their middle age, and without serious job prospects in the future.  The scurrilous Unions are guilty in the court of public opinion and condemned in the hearts of the people!

You might ask yourself this.."IF" you were a nation seeking to overtake and overturn the economy of another nation and promote your own products in place of those made in that nation... a useful strategy would be to promote the activism of Unions in that nation to crank up the wages and conditions until they are no longer competitive, and die.
So..the unanswered question is..."Does the Peoples Republic of China 'invest' in the activities of Australian Trade Unions?"

PROBLEM NUMBER 3  "Public Perception"
I met an English visitor to Australia the other day, and I asked him if  he knew about the English Defense League? Yes he did, "oh..they are a bunch of racists...football hooligans" THEN I asked him.."Do you know how they started and why?"  Answer- "err..no not really", so I, the Aussie educated him on 2 matters.. The homecoming of the British soldiers who were subjected to the same hate filled rants we were subjected to on Saturday, by Muslims screaming "Baby Killers" etc.. then there was the massive child sex grooming scandal that showed a large number of Pakistani Muslim males were grooming white children for passing around their mates as sex slaves.. the number ? Fourteen Hundred! 1400.  It was the EDL who banged away at this and opened up the festering sore for all to see....then  it exploded onto the main mass media and the dust is still settling!

But when the Media just grabs onto the most journalistically sexy images and sound bites..and tries to characterize a movement by that selection and emphasis, you the reader should suddenly wake up and look deeper into 'why' things are going on...hence this blog entry.

Facebook....hmm I just got a new friend... his name is "Machette(+ nickname)"   :)  Glad he's on our side.

To take back our country from the unwashed, parasitic Left.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  The Social and Political Renewal of Australia

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