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Monday, April 6, 2015

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA - Federation Square- The ongoing aftermath.. good old SBS.

I knew it would happen.. and it did.. the ONE bloke at the rally.. NOT invited, in fact he and those like him were specifically NOT invited.. who rocked up with a skin head and swastika's on his chrome dome.. and with military fatigue type camp pants.... yep..the ONE bloke who did manage to sneak through the police lines... it's HIS photo that SBS made the centerpiece of their story below....

I'll join the action..here it is!

Man at the Rally.. (univited guest)

Alex Sproul..serial agitator, violent thug  and Left wing Pest-son of Painters and Dockers Union "vigilance" officer.. looks remarkabley LIKE that bloke....
SBS  REPORT An attempted bigot convention has gone awry over the weekend as attempts to ‘Reclaim Australia’ have led to hate groups accidentally reclaiming the fascist rhetoric of the rise of the Third Reich.
The group met with the express purpose of reclaiming an Australia that they believe had once existence because they heard about it in a Slim Dusty song. Unfortunately for organisers, the violent intimidation and overt racism of the event meant that all that was reclaimed was the spirit of fear and hostility of the bleakest periods of human history.  (source)

Now..some first hand inside information!  I was there.. I had a quick hello to this bloke with the bald head..but not too much because our organizers had already suggested he move away..but he could not...why? because of the howling rabid violent left wing dogs who were scrambling and clawing  against the police...even hurling horse poo at them...these fine upstanding representatives of the worst of Australian life...They were the problem.

We had about as much interest in reclaiming the "Slim Dusty"  Australia as getting another hole in the head..... we have much more serious concerns and Islamic intrusion is just one of those many.  SBS seems to have missed the passionate members of our group who happened to be...

'But what would a bit of fact be to an otherwise juicy sexy 'racism story' that will add advertizing revenue to the SBS coffers and ratings.. (they are sending us the hefty cheque in the mail for helping them)...

Speaking about cheques..and possible deliberate sabotage of the wonderful Rally for Reclaiming Australia...there was one bloke.. who was acting very suspiciously in connection with some Chanel 7 Media people... He looks like he was a professional actor who had adopted the guise of "White Power Warrior" and he fitted the bill perfectly.

Soooo.... folks.. don't be too hasty to just swallow all that the Media serves up ok :)

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