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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My "Deliverance" experience!

Mostly in the mind, not the body, but it makes a good yarn I reckon.  Yesterday began quite normal (don't all horror movies begin that way ?)... I was tasked to take some materials up to a remote place in thum thar hills of Pheasant Creek. (near Kinglake/Victoria)   All went well for the delivery, a tranquil scene of pristine beauty


 then it turned....strange... and I mean a bad strange. My customer informed me that to get out of the place I just needed to 'go down this road.. then left..the at the end..go right" etc... but somewhere along that list of lefts and right my logic and memory went haywire!  I made a left turn....when it should have been right.

All seemed fine at first.. it was a bitumen road.. made me feel safe, secure and on the right track. But then... it suddenly became a dirt track... but all is good.. my trusty GPS (which has since been summarily executed!) told me I was going the right way, and in 18 km I'd be on the Yea/Whittlesea road. So, having confidence that my 4wd Colorado would be able to negotiate the obstacles.. I pressed on.

Unfortunately, the GPS seemed to get lost in direct proportion to the ruggedness of the damn track! which did get much worse... It seemed to be all saying.. "Just 4 km more.. and you're there!"  but as I wound my bumpy way through the arduous terrain, I began to get this sick "I'm lost" feeling... fuel was running low (again.. as it always does in those horror/slasher movies) but I felt I had enough.... then.. after surviving a few mud pits, furrows and fallen trees.. I felt victory was in my grasp!

Then..I saw it... (I was on the ridge of the mountains) a down hill, furrowed, windy, pot holed descent into..what seemed like oblivion!  I thought to myself.. "If I go down there, I'll never get out!"  This is when those 'deliverance' images came to mind... those hill billy, bush bobby hog breathed shotgun toting toothless anally raping smiles of a couple of creatures from the dark side!  There I was... IN the movie..... I was not only in it..I was the victim.    (the mind does strange things when under pressure)...

I ended this saga with a return journey of another useless 18km to my start point and this time.....took the 'right' turn instead of the wrong one.  As the coke adverts says.. "OH what a feeling!!!"  safety, security, and society.

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