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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Beyonce Knowles Demon Possessed?

I really don't know, but looking at this video, I'm open to that suggestion.  This is quite staggering.. even if there is no demonic influence or possession in her at this point.. I am absolutely certain that as Rock personalities go ever close to the dark side, (Madonna dancing with demon dancers recently) that when the reality is there, people will not see much difference between the last time and the now possessed condition.

Let's say that the people who produced this clip did some doctoring of the frames.. to make them seem more 'evil'.. I doubt they would spend so much time on each individual frame to make it as we can see it.  In any case, I know that the forces of evil (yep..they are real) will use the broadest, most effective means of infiltrating youthful minds.. Rock music is clearly about the best way.

It's been a while but KISS had some awful songs that used lyrics like "I am the god of thunder.. I am going to steal your virgin soul"  etc.... nice stuff.

Just remember, before you allow yourself to be totally sucked in and roped in by these artists of satan... (like Mylie Cyrus also)  just call out the name of Jesus, come to Him, and run like hell from Hell!

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